Let’s Rock and Roll!

I have about 5 weeks until my ½ marathon…..EEEEkkkk!

Day One: Rest and recovery from the Warrior Dash

Day Two: 7 mile long run! Wow I have never actually ran that far EVER! Kept my heart rate between 90-100%

7.08 Miles 1:21:02

Day Three: Rest day!

Day Four: Interesting run today. I took the rabbit chaser with me and she disappeared. I tried to keep my heart rate between 80-90% of max for the 3 miles.

3.11 Miles 39:28

In the evening I did a couple sets of stairs, air squats, lunges, push-ups, dips and a whole lotta girl talk!

Day Five: Hard run keeping my heart rate between 95-100% of Max. Legs were heavy and tired today! Goal was 4.5 miles but I miss marked my out mileage.

4.32 Miles 48:40

Day Six: Rest day

Day Seven: The training scheduled called for 8 miles. I again miss calculated my mileage. I started later than I had planned and the outside temperature started getting hot in the first 20 min. It’s much harder for me to run when it’s hot. Good training I guess. Heart rate between 95-100%

7.66 1:25:06

Warrior Dash Race Re-Cap Part 2!

Running to the flames of fire jumping marks the half way point of the race. I am now running/walking because my lungs are burning. As I approach the next obstacle I hear one of the volunteers screaming YOU HAVE to run up the mountain in order to make it over this wall. The only thing I remember about this wall/obstacle is once I got to the top it had 3 2×4 pieces of wood flat and somewhat distant from each other. I was thinking how am I going to get across so I can head down? I crawled on my knees.

I personally think the obstacles are the best part of the race. Once I was down the trail was all uphill from here that seemed like a life time… On and On and On. I kept seeing people on the other side and was thinking I have to be getting close to the top so I can run down. Not even close as I came around the corner there was what I thought was going to be the most difficult obstacle because I thought it was going to be water and a log that I had to go under.

Lucky for me it wasn’t! It was a couple of tunnels. Shew….We have done these before in previous Warrior Dashes. The key to this obstacle is to not put your knees down. Crawl with your butt up in the air. Lots of dirt and rocks to scrape up the knees with.

Once out of the tunnel uphill we go again and next I find a net that you crawl under, this obstacle is a joint venture between all people in the net. The end of the net had barbed wire on it and if you stood up too soon your back would get poked by the wire. Once exiting the net the next obstacle was right there a chris crossed wood thing with more barbed wire going uphill. A lovely camera man sat at the exit of this obstacle. My face is RED by this point of the race.

The trail now leads me up up and up a tight narrow rocky path. Once I get to the very top I now have a steep rocky hill to traverse down, once down through the rocks I find ropes to help maneuver down the rest of the steep mountain. Carefully handing off the rope to the person behind me. One guy behind me thought he was going to just run down the steep hill without using the ropes oops he fell. Guess they had the rope there for a reason. 

Copper Mountain Colorado

At the bottom I found the last wall. The girls in front of me were cracking me up with all their comments. I told one lean back as far as you can. She made it up half way and gave up and walked around. This wall was much easier than the wall last year because it had a place to hold your feet and you didn’t slide down. I was up and over in no time. Woo hoo now it’s the down hill run now! 

I reach the cargo net and the volunteer  says this and the mud and you are done. I am thinking to myself thank god! This has been a long race. As I am coming over the bottom of the net the girl behind me says “honey have I ever told you that I am afraid of heights”. LOL! Your telling him this now? 

Down and off I go speeding to the mud pit.

In the previous races I always walked thru and lifted the barbed wire this year since I didn’t have to run in sloppy shoes and muddy hands for other obstacles I decided to crawl through the mud pit. As I get out I have mud EVERYWHERE. I feel like I flash the entire crowd trying to get the air bubbles out of my shirt and skirt. Finish line here I come! Woo Hoo! What a race! I love the adrenaline rush after crossing the finish line. Nothing like it! 


Where’s my beer?

Stay tuned for Post Warrior Dash Party!

2012 Warrior Dash Copper Mountain Colorado Race Re-Cap Part 1!

This was the third year my friends and I competed in the Warrior Dash. This race was by far the hardest race out of the three. The main reason is because we were running uphill for 90% of the race.

Once we arrived at Copper we unloaded all the goods from the minivan. You would think we were packing for a week with all the goods we had to unload. After unloading four of us started prepping dinner and waited for the last four team mates to arrive. Upon their arrival we scoped out the music venue and packet pick up!

Packet pick up is very organized that is if you have your waiver and ID all ready when arriving. They handed us our running chips (which is a free beer after the race or before if you’re brave enough to drink prior to running), our participation shirts and bib numbers.

Penny at packet pick up!

We had limited time to stop and enjoy the band because our lasagna was cooking and we needed to get back to the condo and finish up the final dinner prep and carb up for the race can’t forget the vino with the pasta!

We celebrated Lisa’s Birthday with blueberry pie and ice cream and tons of laughs. It’s always nice to share stories and girl giggles!

Toasting to the Warrior Dash!
Happy Birthday Lisa!

After dinner and story time we all headed to bed and TRIED to sleep. Have you ever noticed the night before a race it’s impossible to sleep? I toss and turn and I think about stupid stuff and get myself all worked up for no reason. I won’t be forgetting the ear plugs next time because of all the snoring that was happening in my room. Maybe that was causing some of my tossing and turning too.

 Race day!

One tough thing for this group of girls is we are all early risers and trying to figure out how much coffee to drink and how much food to eat for a 10:00 heat is challenging. Once up I decided on only 2 cups of coffee, 1/2 protein shake and a small piece of bread with a little cream cheese on it. 

We all decided it was time to get our chips on our shoes and bibs on our shirts. The temperature at 8:00 am was chilly! Only like 39 degrees. I was beginning to wonder if I made a mistake buying a tank top this year. Thinking the temperature wasn’t going to rise very quickly. Lucky for me by 10:00 is was 60 degrees and sunny.

Chip = Free Beer!

When we all finished our cute outfits and headed down to the start area to get some photos. Let the nerves begin. Found the outhouse and watched the 9:30 heat take off. As we were watching we had discussions of how to dodge the HUGE rocks that were at the start of the race. To me this is the very first obstacle this year. 

WARRIOR DASH – WARRIOR DASH – WARRIOR DASH cheers started and the announcer began getting our heat pumped up. My teeth were chattering by this point. No clue why I was so nervous I have done this race two times before. BOOM off goes the gun and the fire! 

In line at the start!

The heat was very crowded and the start was very slow-moving. Slower than the last few years I think it was because we were running at an angle of the ski slope and dodging rocks and people. I managed to get across and down without injury obstacle complete. The course then turned and we headed back across the mountain water running and mud puddles to either skip across or jump. Then we headed up hill by now my lungs could feel the altitude 9,000 feet above sea level. Once I reached the top I was trying to pass the slower people to gain speed on the down hill. 

Look at the pile of snow when we make the turn!

When I got to the bottom of the hill the first official obstacle was upon me. I’ve done this one before it’s the barricade breakdown hurdle the wall and crawl under the shorter wall with barbed wire. I could pull  myself up like getting out of the pool on the barricade then I would swing myself under the barbed wire and pop up into the next wall. This was a fun obstacle very do able not insanely difficult. Need upper body strength and strong legs to get up out of the swinging move. 

Run a bit then we had a steep hill with a rope to go down. This obstacle was pretty simple fast and not difficult. I needed to pay attention to the person in front of me and what they were going to do with the rope once they reached the bottom of the slope. 

Run a little ways and the hardest obstacle for me! It’s the teetering traverse! Why is this hard for me? It’s a balance thing by this time my legs are shaking like crazy and I am a little dizzy from the altitude and running. Very challenging for me to keep my balance. I kept apologizing to the person be hind me for being so slow. Shew I made it without falling time to pick up the speed and get to running! 

It’s a balance thing!

Second wall coming up! I followed a group of people who had plastic butts on for their costumes. My strategy for this wall was to watch experienced racers go up so I could go up smoothly and not have any delays! 

The next obstacle was the tires. I didn’t have a difficult time maneuvering through this obstacle. Takes concentration and not going to fast to miss the hole of the tire.

After the tires was the first drink station. In previous years we only had one drink station I was glad to see some water. I was ready to wet my mouth. 

Drink Station = Mile 1

Race Week!

The anticipation of a race! I am so excited can’t wait for all of us girls to get together look adorable and then get all muddy!

Time to hydrate up! This will be my third Warrior Dash and 4th race. In the past I really didn’t think about the week before too much just would do my thing and run on race day. Cheers here’s to the H2O this week!

Day One: Time 5K! Interesting run started out faster than I normally do and it totally affected me by the time I was finished. I also started running about 3 hours later in the day because it was Sunday morning. The temperature was almost 80, pretty hot for me while running.

5K = 32:04

Day Two: ½ Marathon training. Today was a scheduled easy run. I kept my heart rate between 75% & 80% of max.

4.66 Miles in 1:02:06

Natatorium Workout: 30:00 minutes running stairs, 25 air squats, walking lunges, 10 push-ups and 10 dips.

Day Three: 1/2 Training easy 3 miles keeping my heart rate between 75% = 80% of max. I was lucky today to have 2 of my best friends join me this morning. The Chef was up and ready to go with me. His run pace is much faster than mine. When he is conditioned I will have a hard time keeping up. Hope our crazy rabbit chaser came along too!

Love the color of the sun reflecting in the canal

Day Four: One hour Kickboxing Class – I love this class so much fun! Time flew by!

Day Five: 1/2 Training

I had a total blonde moment on my run. Had in my mind that I needed to run out 2.50 miles and back when it was REALLY 2.25. So I did more than the required miles! Keeping heart rate between 90-100%

5:14 = 59:16

Day Six: Rest and Travel Day

Day Seven: Race Day stay tuned for a race re-cap early next week. 

This is how we do it!


So if it’s music is it retro or vintage? Does it matter how many years it’s been?

Warrior Dash Week 10!

Day One: Rest and Read! I love a day when I can just read.

Day Two: Changed up my ½ Training from minutes to miles today.

4.50 Miles in 51:25

Day Three: Treadmill workout! Blech since I have started running outside I dread the treadmill.

2 mile run treadmill

10 Push-ups (Boy)

32 Bicep curls (8 full, 8 half,8 full 8 diagonal)

15 Shoulder Press

10 Push-ups (Boy)

15 Dips

15 Rows

15 lateral Raises

10 Push-ups (Boy)

15 Tri-cep Kickbacks

15 Pullups (Assisted I am a whimp)

Day four: I was so excited to go to kickboxing. Then the instructor didn’t show up! Boo Hoo! So I walked on the treadmill changing up my incline every 5 minutes for an hour. BORING!

Day Five: Rest Day!

Day Six: HARD run kept my heart rate between 95% -100% of max.

4.30 miles 47:37

Day Seven: Rest stayed up way to late!

It’s all about the shoes…………or not!

I am sure Missy Franklin’s shoes are not important to her for training unless of course it’s fins or flip flops! I love the fact that a Colorado “GIRL” swimmer is in the Olympics and winning a few gold medals! Isn’t her smile addicting?

What I really want to know is what’s in Michael Phelps head phones? Wonder if his playlist would inspire me. 

Shoe shopping!

Today was the day for a new pair of running shoes. My friend who talked me into running the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon said to visit Browns Shoe Fit. They would help me find the right kind of shoes. The staff is very very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. So if you are in need of new running shoes I highly recommend Brown’s Shoe Fit! 

He had me stand on a computer-generated foot sensor that shows pressure points in your feet. After looking at 5-10 different images and angles. He shared with me that I have a muscle in my foot that needs to be strengthened. I can do this a couple of different ways. One by wearing the orthotic inserts they sell and the second doing some regular stretches. He showed me a few stretches to do and also recommended I get the orthotics.


Is the computer a ploy or is it for real?


After the computer images he had me run barefoot on the treadmill while video tapping me. We watched to determine what kind of running shoe I need based on my gate and pronation and I am sure other things but I was on information overload by this point. He shared there is 3 types of running shoes. Stability, Cushion and Motion control. Then we measured my feet. I need a cushion shoe based on my pressure points and running style. 

Motion control footwear emphasizes medial support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or foot bridges. This medial (inside support) support slows the rate of over pronation. An example of a motion control shoe would be the Asics Evolution.

 Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support features into its design. An example would be the Asics GT 2170 running shoe. 

Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoe companies add materials to the heel and forefoot areas to enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc. An example of a cushioned running shoe would be the Nike Pegasus.

Now it’s time measure my foot. He was interested in my foot size from the large part of my foot on the outside before the big toe to the heel. Let’s get to trying on shoes. We started with size 6.5 and the most ugly shoe. But I guess comfort beats cuteness.


After walking and feeling them we decided a size 7 would be better because athletic shoes run short. Once I moved to a size 7 he found the perfect cute and comfortable shoe!


Asics Gel-Cumulus Lightning/Hot Pink/Storm




Week 9 Warrior Dash Training! 

Day One: USAF State Swim meet cheering!

Day Two: Recovery from traveling all weekend.

Day Three & Day Four: Kickboxing – I totally love this class. I get to imagine that I am punching people in the face the gut, the back and best of all kicking them where it counts….LOL!

Day Five: Full Moon Run…work duty called early this morning so I strapped in a head lamp and headed out for a 30 min run/walk in the full moon. It was beautiful!

2.85 Miles 33:40 legs felt very heavy!

Day Six: ½ training Walk/Jog/Run/Walk

4.84 Miles 1:00:53

Day Seven: 1/2 training Walk/Jog/Walk

5.09 Miles 1:02:28

50 Min easy swim