A Year in Review!

My photo reflections of 2014! 

January – Playoffs & Painting! 



IMG_1006 IMG_1008

February – State of Slim and State Swim Swim Meet! 

IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1266

IMG_1379 IMG_1269 IMG_1380

March – Red Solo Cup, Red Mountains and Red Nose Pitbull! 




April – Annual Girls Trip! 


IMG_1878 IMG_1950


May – Biceps, Bonfires, Bullets and Birthdays! 

 IMG_2347 IMG_2363



IMG_2773 IMG_2782


June-July-August – Summer Lovin had me a blast! 



IMG_2977 IMG_3098 IMG_3118 IMG_3106 IMG_3108 IMG_3127IMG_3164


IMG_3220 IMG_3217

 IMG_3238IMG_3245 IMG_3050

IMG_3654 IMG_3460

IMG_3811 IMG_3715

IMG_3868 IMG_3854

IMG_3945 IMG_3936

IMG_3937 IMG_3938

IMG_3965 IMG_3966


IMG_4030 IMG_4036 IMG_4017

IMG_4045 IMG_4056 IMG_4075 IMG_4192


IMG_4251 IMG_4252 IMG_4260 IMG_4262 IMG_4237 IMG_4238

September – Did an upgrade on my phone and lost everything! 




October – Fall Festivities! 

IMG_4406 IMG_4423

IMG_4414 IMG_4419 IMG_4444 IMG_4427



IMG_4554 IMG_4568 IMG_4569

November & December – Celebrations








IMG_4925 IMG_4926

IMG_4846 IMG_4890

IMG_4954 IMG_4955IMG_5025





Randomness + Photo Blitz!

Last week I had so many random thoughts I decided to track a few and share just for the fun of it! Enjoy the laugh! 

Throwback! "Got Milk"

Throwback! “Got Milk”

I have a permanent glitter on the color of my eye. Well, I did have glitter attached to my eyeball but lucky for me the eye doctor removed it with only numbing my eye and q-tip. I am sure you are wondering how a person gets glitter stuck to their eyeball? I am thinking that my hairspray plastered it to my eye! 

Fun times!

 I walked into the grocery store a disabled Vet is “checking me out” and says to me “I find you look very nice in that there black coat” now that is a first. I’ve never had anyone compliment me on my wool coat.

So many managers don't take time to be REAL leaders!

So many managers don’t take time to be REAL leaders!


It’s so annoying when drivers think they own the road and cut you off! I find myself saying bad words and sounding like my mother.

Find a huge pile of snow and park in it why not!

Find a huge pile of snow and park in it why not!


I wonder if Bath & Body works has lower sales in the more humid states. My skin is so dry and I am using a ton of lotion right now.




Don’t ya just hate when you find the perfect pair of shoes and you go back to buy a second pair and they are sold out. …..

Best Buddies!

Best Buddies!


I love my beauty shop therapy nothing better than a haircut to make a girl feel spoiled and beautiful.

Hotel Shampoo! Yeah Paul Mitchell!

Hotel Shampoo! Yeah Paul Mitchell!

Why is it that I only have pennies when I need change for the parking meter?

Going to paint wine glasses with the girls!

Going to paint wine glasses with the girls!

Only 63 days until Spring…157 days until Summer…I will NOT complain about the heat.

Fabulous Colorado Wine!

Fabulous Colorado Wine!

So me!

So me!

Fund drink!

Fun Drink!

No cookies just cocktails!

No cookies just cocktails!



Need a chocolate fix Enstroms Mint Meltaways!

Need a chocolate fix Enstroms Mint Meltaways!

Colorado Orange and Blue Sky!

Colorado Orange and Blue Sky!

Go Broncos!

Go Broncos!

Mile High Adventure coming up next week stay tuned! 



Holiday Cookie Exchange!

Do you and your friends or co-workers have any holiday traditions?

Each year a group of us get together for a cookie exchange. Since I am doing Paleo this holiday season (down 4.8 lbs since 11/30) I will be taking my cookies to a Christmas party this weekend. Are you wondering what a cookie exchange is? Some of you might think it’s an opportunity to bring a couple of cookies and have coffee and chat. Well, our cookie exchange is a bit more than that.

This year we had eight ladies participating in the cookie exchange. Each person makes a different kind of cookie and you then exchange a dozen of the type you bake. Since our group had eight ladies we each had to make 7 dozen cookies to share, 8 if you wanted to keep a dozen of your own kind for yourself.

In the past I made my favorite cookie the Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter cookie. My grandmother made these every year for Christmas. The year I made them for the cookie exchange I had 60 kisses to unwrap so thought I would do something easier this year.

CE Kiss cookie

When searching for a cookie to make I stumbled upon the “Puppy Chow Cookie”. Are you familiar with the Puppy Chow Snack mix? “This absolutely delicious snack mix is one of my favorites. People gobble it up – well, like puppies gobble puppy chow!” My daughter loves the snack mix so I thought this would be a great cookie to make. Almost better than the snack mix.

2 hours and seven dozen cookies later my kitchen was a powdered sugar disaster and I was beat. What the heck was I thinking? I thought this would be an easy cookie to make. Next year I think I will stick with the basic Chocolate chip cookie or a cocktail swap.

CE Puppy chow cookie

CE PC Eaten

The cookie exchange was fun. We all shared our kitchen stories, making multiple trips to the grocery store, mixers breaking, marshmallow’s burning, cookie press breaking, high altitude flour not working and naked ginger bread men.

CE Swap
I have a large bag of cookies to take to my Christmas party. Decorated sugar cookies, Ginger bread men, Coconut Mounds, Ginger snaps, Salted Carmel Thumbprint’s, Macaroon’s and a plate of assorted cookies.

CE Bag cookies

What is your favorite type of cookie for the Holiday season?

A Warm Holiday Cocktail!

This cocktail is great during the Holidays!A nice warming drink to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

No it’s not Paleo and it’s about 230 calories per drink!

Ingredients: Coffee, Grand Mariner, Irish Cream


bottles of both

Brew your coffee of choice.

Grand M

Pour an ounce of Grand Marnier into your glass we use wine glasses but a brandy snifter can be used.

coffee in cup

Add 1-2 ounces of brewed coffee.


Add an ounce of your Irish creme of choice.


Do you have a great Holiday cocktail to share?

Paleo and Ugly Sweaters!

Week two of the one month Paleo challenge is coming to an end. December is definitely the month you want to do a CHALLENGE like this. I know I am crazy, but let me share my thinking on this. My office like most offices around the country has all kinds of goodies during the holidays. I personally find it fun to see if I am strong-willed enough to pass on eating all the goodies. We have had sugar cookies (one of my favs the kind from the grocery store with lots of frosting), peanut butter fudge, biscotti’s, cranberry bread, cupcakes, apple cider and hot chocolate.


work cookies

Back to why I think this is a great challenge to do. The first being, do we really need to eat all that junk just because it’s the holidays? The second I find in fascinating that I can lose weight while a lot of others are gaining weight during the holidays. To date I’ve lost 3.4 lbs since starting the Paleo challenge on December 2, 2012. Now my actual goal is to get stronger and leaner and I think both are coming along nicely. Lastly, the strong-willed mind can make or break a challenge anytime of the year! It’s all in the mind!

Week 2 has been interesting for me. When I attended Kickboxing on Wednesday morning my energy level was low. I am thinking I didn’t get enough fruits/vegetables in the day before. Today I ate ½ of a Banana before my workout and I had amazing energy. I also am learning that either by taking out dairy or gluten my body functions much better or it’s adding in the extra fruit. I am a vegetable eater and eat about the same amount of vegetables as to what I ate prior to this challenge.

Here is a great story from “The Chef” and my daughter. Let me start by sharing that my Dear Daughter was not hip on changing up our eating habits. She gets what we eat plus whatever else she would like rice, pasta, bread, chips, crackers, granola bars etc….

I am sitting at the dining room table wrapping Christmas gifts she is searching for a snack in the refrigerator on this particular evening. Keep in mind she could be eating anything that is in the pantry and the refrigerator.

DD: “What happened to the Raspberries?”
Chef: “I ate half of the box and you ate half the box”
DD: “Uuggghh no fair”
Chef: “Hey I am starving too ya know”

Oh my I just busted up laughing! I think because my DD could eat ANYTHING in the house and she wanted the raspberries.

So if you are will minded enough you too can be successful during the holidays on the Paleo Challenge! It’s not too late to start!

Tis the Season!

This time of year Ugly Sweaters are in high demand. I was invited to meet some of my girlfriends for Happy Hour on Friday night and we all were to wear Ugly Sweaters. I had no time to search the second-hand stores or the Good Will. So I started asking around at work to see if anyone of my co-workers had an Ugly Sweater that I could borrow. Not a single one in my office had one. I used my resources and asked another co-worker from down the hall. She was hilarious when I called her. She said she was appalled that I thought she would have an Ugly Sweater and as a matter of fact she did have one.

I didn’t win the Ugly Sweater contest but did have one to wear!

Do you have themed holiday parties?

Stay tuned for my fabulous Holiday Drink recipe coming up next week.

Tre Amicas!

Tre Amicas!

December Paleo Challenge are you up for it?

S Paleo

For those of you who know me I am always up for a challenge. Yep, I’ve got a new challenge this month. My family and I are going Paleo from Dec 2 – Jan 2 with a couple of modifications.

If you are not familiar with Paleo this is what I have learned. It’s called the caveman diet. Basically you eat what the cavemen ate. Meat, Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Now there are some interesting guidelines for this way of eating. The Continue reading

Misfit Thanksgiving

Do you know friends who are divorced with no kids or family on the holidays?

That’s what this Thanksgiving was all about. Supporting our friends who needed us on this holiday. My friend Christina and I decided we would make the feast, give the chef a break from cooking and share with our friends who needed support and love.


We divided and conquered the menu together.


Appetizer of Bacon wrapped Elk tenderloin – Chef

Turkey – Christina

Gravy – Chef (Christina bought jar but the chef didn’t like that idea)

Stuffing (German Style) – Christina

Sweet Potato Pie – Christina

Cranberry Sauce traditional – Christina

Serrano Pepper Cranberry Sauce (Mexican) – Christina

French’s Green Bean Casserole – Me

Mashed Potato’s – Me

Chunky Pecan Bars – Me

Pumpkin Pie – Christina

Apple Pie – I donated blood and they gave me a free pie.


Choke Cherry Merlot (Colorado) Vincent Winery

Cesar Bloody Marys’

Ménage Trios – California Red

Ménage Trios – Pinot Noir

Cupcake – Pinot Noir

Be Healthy!

I wanted to burn some calories on Thanksgiving morning so I hit Gold’s gym at 5:00 am with a friend and did combat, back home for a 2 hour nap and then hit my gym for Kick It at 9:00 total of 1,065 calories burned!

If you don’t have a gym open I bet you could find a Turkey Trot 5K to burn some calories. I chose Kick It instead this year because it’s a lot warmer in the gym and I burn more calories than running a 5K.

Let the festivities begin! 

Christina and I started prepping for the big meal the day before. This is probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Hanging in the kitchen drinking wine, laughing and catching up with my friend.

Do you peel your celery? Christina does!

We set the table, made stuffing, cut the potatoes, made Serrano cranberry sauce, drank more wine and invited guests over to join us!

Three of us girls in the kitchen laughing, giggling and telling girl stories, only to get quiet when Christina’s misfit walks in. Let the party begin!

The Thanksgiving appetizer just so happened to get eaten the night before Thanksgiving. Very delicious, can’t beat fresh elk tenderloin wrapped in bacon “its a taste of heaven.”  We also had artichoke dip and homemade meatballs and sausage.

Three bottles of the Thanksgiving dinner wine were consumed before the big dinner. I only tasted two of the three because I had to get up at 4:15 in the morning for Combat!

Ménage à Trois

Pinot Noir



Fancy a little splendor in the glass? Turn down the lights, turn up the Barry White and uncork the Ménage à Trois Pinot Noir. When it comes to affairs of the palate, we’ve always felt that three was much more fun than one, so we played matchmaker and brought together grapes from three distinctive California wine growing regions known for producing exquisite Pinot Noir. Clarksburg grapes add bright flavors and a lovely perfume, North Coast grapes add silkiness, and Central Coast fruit rounds out the blend with beautiful complexity. Enhanced with French and American oak, our Pinot Noir’s is sure to have you waxing poetic. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…


This was an ok Pinot not one of my favorites. I probably wouldn’t buy it again. If you like oak you will like this Pinot.

Ménage à Trois

California Red 

Even if red wine is not your speed, give our Ménage à Trois Red a try. This wine exposes the fresh, ripe, jam-like fruit that is the calling card of California wine. Ménage à Trois Red brings together three strange bedfellows.

On top we’ve got Zinfandel, a saucy tease that brings blackberry and raspberry jam to the relationship. Merlot, with its generous mouth feel and red fruits, fits perfectly in the middle. The rich flavors and firm tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon make it the ideal. 

I love this wine! It’s a great inexpensive blend.

I bought the Cupcake Pinot Noir because I love the Cupcake Red Velvet Cake wine.


“Our Pinot Noir has the aroma of cherries that carries through the palate with a touch of red currants and a hint of spice. It’s reminiscent of a cherry cupcake with currant coulis.”

What a fun night with friends! We laughed and laughed and laughed! Definitely a night to remember!

What do you do on the eve of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving day!

On my way home from the gym I called to see if the bird had made it to the oven after the party the night before. Christina has only cooked a turkey once before. She told me she could only find the neck in the bird and had it cooking on the stove for the gravy. I thought it was strange that there were no giblets in a fresh turkey. Oh well no biggie the neck will make great gravy.

We arrived and started the dinner with Bloody Mary’s. I like mine Cesar style.

Cesar Bloody Mary


Kettle One Vodka





Celery seed

Pepperoncini juice

Clamato juice





Pepperoncini pepper


The oven timer went off and the bird was ready to come out! Looks magnificent!

When we started cutting into the turkey guess what we found? Yep! The giblets!

Time to Mangia!

Wine with dinner was a Choke Cherry Merlot from a friend of ours vineyard.

Everything was excellent! My favorite sides were the sweet potato pie and the green bean casserole. What is your favorite side?

Chunky Pecan Bars

After a few hours of football we had dessert and then I was stuffed like the turkey!