Week 4 (Already) Warrior Dash Training!

Race Day Information

Welcome to the world’s largest running series. Warrior Dash lands in Colorado for the third time in 2012 where 12 obstacles from hell await you along this 3.02 mile course. Are you a Warrior?



Copper Mountain Ski Resort
209 Ten Mile Circle
Copper Mountain, CO 80443


3.02 hellish miles

WAVE TIMES:Waves of up to 500 participants will start at the following times:

  • 9:00
  • 9:30
  • 10:00
  • 10:30
  • 11:00
  • 11:30
  • Noon
  • 12:30
  • 1:00
  • 1:30
  • 2:00
  • 2:30
  • 3:00
  • 3:30
* Wave available on Saturday only

The Copper-Warrior Dash Official Pre Party
Friday August 17,  The Second Edition of the Copper-Warrior Dash Pre Party is back and crazier than ever!! Come up Friday night, August 17, skip the lines and pick up your packet early for the next day’s b attle. Then head over to Burning Stones Plaza for one of the west’s best 80’s cover bands; That Eighties Bandkicking off at 5PM. They’ll be playing favorites from Michael Jackson to Bon Jovi to Guns & Roses and Rick Springfield.And the party’s not over after that, at 8PM the remarkable sounds of Dread Zeppelin take the stage. The Dread Zeppelin concept is simple… Led Zeppelin music played reggae style, with an Elvis impersonator singing lead vocals. It sounds like a “one joke” concept, but somehow it works. It’s very funny, but beyond that, the musicianship is excellent. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan who doesn’t take Zeppelin too seriously, you should give this band a listen.What a way to kick off the Warrior Dash Weekend, so don’t miss out! For more information please check out www.coppercolorado.com

 Day One & Two: Recover from my Mini Me’s 13th Birthday Party!

Day Three: Dang it was HOT even inside on the treadmill.

Day Four: Awesome day! Kick-It first thing in the morning and it was ride your bike to work day! I had a hair appointment after work too. I rode to work and then to my hair appointment and then home. Total of 11.34 Miles!

Day Five: Intended to get up and run outside. The thunder and lightning kept me in bed snoozing….

Day Six: Rode to and from work on my bike!

Day Seven: 50 minutes swimming. Really trying to master this breathing in the water!

Time to step up the running and the push-ups/pull-ups next week.

Lesson #1 Fish out of Water!

In my new fitness adventure I am going to learn how to swim. Until today my swimming consisted of survival swimming. Basically the ability to swim from the boat to the water ski without spilling my beer. Today was my very first swimming lesson. One of my new workout friends has been swimming her entire life. She said she would teach me. So here goes nothing. I put on a one piece suit (never have owned one in my life) and a cap (can’t hear a thing) and the goggles. I look like a dork and off we go onto the deck at the University. My daughters swim coach was there and commented  that he wasn’t in the mood to get wet today to rescue me. (I took that as a challenge not to drown or die).

We approach the bulk head and I look at the water. I am one of those girls who typically would get in the water slowly.  Nope not now just go for it. Jump in! While holding my nose so water doesn’t go into my brain. My new coach really can’t believe that I have no clue how to breath under water. I am not a natural at this like my “Mini Me”. I breath in my nose out my mouth. Well in swimming it’s the opposite. We start just by going up and down in the water  breathing in my mouth out my nose. Next we grab a kick board, this is going to help me learn to get a pattern. Kick, breath in the mouth out the nose.

No more survival swimming for me! I am starting to get the hang of this breathing. The pool was set up for long course 50 meters. It did take me FOREVER to do just a 50 by kicking and learning my new breathing I swam about 600 meters before we ended my first session.

Many lessons learned today. Not only did I begin to learn how to swim I also have an even greater appreciation for my mini me and her swimming abilities. During one of my 50’s I thought to myself I feel like that little 6-year-old kid trying to complete a 25. My mind also starting thinking about how fast my mini me can actually swim a 100 meters. I feel good that I tried something that I have never done before and really liked it. I am looking forward to the next lesson. Now to find me a water proof heart rate monitor to know how hard I am working. I got a good workout in and the swim coach didn’t need to rescue me because I didn’t drown or die!

So do something today that you never thought you could no matter how old you are!