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This is somewhat out of the ordinary blog post for me but since I like to share things for women it does seem fitting.

Early this week my “Mini Me” celebrated her 14th birthday. The morning of her actual birthday my mind was remembering back to her birth and my pregnancy. This is what started my thoughts of a blog post.

"Mini Me" in the NICU!

“Mini Me” in the NICU!

So I asked a few of my girlfriends to come up a few ideas to share with new moms and pregnant ladies.

1. Only gain 20 -25 pounds and don’t eat Dairy Queen Mudslides the last month every night for dessert. (Yes I did this)

2. Sleep when you can and really do take others up on offer to help or ask for what you need it.  Every chance you get.  If someone says I’ll watch the baby while you sleep, DO IT. 

3. To be thankful for the fact that your body can support life, that you carried that baby to term, and are about to witness the miracle of a new life, coming from your womb. 

4. Never compare your post-baby body to anyone else’s.  Don’t look at model/celebrity pics of moms who just gave birth.  They have nannies, and personal trainers, and never have to worry about taking care of anyone else.  You do. 

5.  With a newborn do whatever works! Nursing/bottles, sleeping in their carrier/bed, letting your child sleep in a stroller while you pushed it around the house. Seriously whatever works for those first 4-6 months.

6.  Relax – Choose your battles and enjoy your children, they grow up too fast.

7.  Take time to watch every little change in your child. Let them be who they are without expecting them to be a certain way.

8.  Let your body tell you when it’s time for the baby to come into the world. Don’t try to make it happen too soon. Let it happen naturally.

9.  Getting things done ahead of time–prepping meals, stocking the fridge, using paper plates or convenience items for those first few months. 

10.  Background noise–awesome stuff for sleeping kids–fans, humidifiers, sleep machines and very dark rooms!  And those first 3 months, do whatever you can to get through it because nothing is set in stone with the baby for that “fourth” trimester–so sleeping on you, in a carrier, holding often–just roll with it and give it time.

11. A baby won’t die from crying. It’s OK to put down the baby and walk away if you have to!

12.  Find a good time of day for some peace and quiet for yourself. (Read a book, take a bath or go for a walk) This means time for Daddy to step in and spend some quality time with the baby.

13.  The book “What to Expect the First Year” is a great tool for first time parents. Read to your child from day one. They are little sponges and learn very quickly.

14.  Keep moving while pregnant it will help you feel better.

Random Photo Blitz!


Photo Blitz 11

It’s summer time! My favorite time of the year!

Orange Lilly’s who doesn’t love them?  


Photo blitz 1  Almond Joy Cupcakes! A nice little treat for my birthday!

Photo blitz 4 Ice cold Stella to cool down!

Photo Blitz 5

Jax Fishouse downtown Denver has the best Happy Hour ever!

(If you love oysters!)

Photo Blitz 6

Love love love the Beach!

 Photo Blitz 8

Me and my girls after the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon in Moab, UT.

Photo Blitz 9

Not to shabby for a rookie!

(an and Old Lady!)

My RnR time was 2:25:11

Photo Blitz 10

Photo Blitz 3 JUCO (Junior College World Series) Go Neosho!


Photo blitz 2

Cherry Limeade Peach Street distillers!

(YUMMO one and you are done!)

Photo Blitz 12

Photo Blitz 13

This is a perfect way to end a hectic week! Cheers!

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