NY Best Seller! Fifty

Fifty shades of Grey!

My book club is reading the book Fifty Shades of Grey. We meet tomorrow night to talk about the book. I thought  I would share my thoughts now.

I think one of my friends said it best …”Fifty Shades of Grey”? I’m reading it now. It’s explicit, but I can’t put it down!!!

I loved this book and the sequels, can’t wait for #4.

Set the sex/porn aside for the moment. Don’t we all just love a great Cinderella story? I am a helpless romantic at heart. Just the romance and the love Christen has for Ana in the book  keeps you reading. Yeah a billionaire hot bodied man doesn’t hurt either.

Fifty Shades of f$&$@up is so true for all of us. No I haven’t been abused by a crack whores pimp but trust me I have had my share of life’s f$&@upness. The fact that someone can overcome their f$&@up issues is huge.Christen focused on work and basically par taking in BDSM to deal with his f$&@up ness. Once he realized he did love her he would go to the extreme to keep her. Now who wouldn’t want to read about that love story.

Favorite parts of the book!

There are so many but here are a few. I loved that Christen went to the hardware store to buy a few pieces of hardware from Ana. I am sure this would be so unrealistic for a billionaire but it’s a book and didn’t you get that feeling when reading like wow he’s here really here. Of course Ana is naive enough to really not realize he is there to see her and he get jealous while there.

I loved when she was at the bar and couldn’t stop thinking about him. Come on I know you once had those thoughts. Back when I was in school we didn’t have awesome technology like today. I loved that she was brave enough to call him, I am sure her inhibitions were low due to the alcohol, making that phone call pretty easy. But the fact that he actually showed up and took care of her was awesome! Holding her ponytail while puking!!!! How many 20 something guys would really do that?

Ana calls it how she sees it with him. Her honesty and innocence just keeps me rooting for her. I love how she wants Christen to change and the realization that he may never change being honest with herself. She is real and I love that.

Can you imagine what it would be like to not be  touch the person you love not be able to run your hands up his chest or kiss his neck? I was just as confused as Ana on the touching thing. What happened to you Fifty that you can’t handle a loving touch? What is it going to take to get you past this fear?

I could go on and on! Will give an update on what my book clubs thoughts are after we meet tomorrow night!