What’s it really like?

I started having issues with my hip while training for the Nike San Fran Half Marathon which was in October 2013.

Melissa is really running the Half not the Full!

Melissa is really running the Half not the Full!

After the race I cut out running for the most part and started lifting more. Doing things that didn’t aggravate my hip.


After 10 months of issues it was time to go see the doctor. My family would tell you that they had been trying to get me to go for months. I was in denial. I was scared and really didn’t want to know the “REAL” issue.

I didn’t want to give up my fitness routine and I truly didn’t want to know what the X-ray was going to tell us.

In August my chiropractor suggested I get checked for a hernia. My workout partner said she was a quack and to go to the Sports Medicine doctor in her office. That’s what I decided to do.

During my first visit he did take X-rays of my back and hips. Conclusion = Hip Flexor Tendonitis. He had me on 8 weeks of workout restrictions. No running, No jumping, No explosive moves, No lunges and I needed to attend 8 weeks of Physical Therapy. I was good with this. I cut out kickboxing and replaced it with the elliptical and my trainer had me do modifications during those particular workouts. PT was nice because I learned a lot of new stretches and ideas of what needed to happen for my body to get stronger in the areas that were weak after compensating for so long.


 At my 8 week visit with the Sports Med doc he REALLY wanted me to have an arthogram and an MRI. I was in major denial about getting the arthrogram. Really who wants a huge needle stuck into their hip-joint? I managed to talk him out of this for another 8 weeks as long as I didn’t “CHEAT” on my restrictions. When I got home and talked to my family they told me that I would cheat and just get it done and rule out the laberal tear. (This was my biggest fear) So I scheduled the appointment.

Hip for cake

This is a random photo I found on the intrenet that shows what an Arthorgram is! See that long needle going into the hip-joint? This is what scared the bejesus out of me.

I really really didn’t want to have this done.

The day had come and I was an emotional wreck waiting to go back to the room. When the radiology tech came to get me my emotions just start pouring out. She was so great in comforting me and making me feel a ease. The radiologist doing the procedure was amazing. He talked me through everything and really helped me relax. The initial insertion is the hardest part. I didn’t feel much of anything after he got the needle in a little pressure here and there.

Hip Artho

Here is my arthorgram can you see the needle leading to the middle of the joint?

When we were done with the procedure I told the doctor

“A Brazilian is much much more painful”

He laughed and asked if he could share with one of his partners one of my buddies!

On to the MRI!

I’ve never had an MRI before either.


This is a picture of the MRI Machine at my hospital.

The MRI techs were amazing.

I had on some HUGE fancy hospital shorts and I was nervous therefore I was freezing. They wrapped me up in blankets and gave me all the instructions along with some head phones and a cloth over my eyes. They told me it was going to be loud. Man it’s like a jack hammer for 45 min and you can’t move. I highly recommend the earphones and an eye mask it helped me relax and not think about getting inched into that claustrophobic machine.

Results??? My radiologist buddy had me come into his office when we were all done. He said I don’t have a labreal tear but I do have degenerative joint diease.

All I know is he told me it’s time to switch to biking.

Hip 1 Hip 2

Here are the MRI pictures. The white is the dye they put in during the arthorgram.

I haven’t been back to the Sports Medicine doc yet to see what he’s plan of action is going to be. What I do know is that I have arthritis and a flap. The fluid from the arthogram helped with the swelling and my pain has been minimal for now. Running is pretty much out of the question I do not want to tear the labrum.

I’ve been focusing on lifting weights and stretching. I see in my future a fast “WOGGER”. I love the races and even if I can’t run I can wog a pretty quick pace. Time will tell!

Long story short! The arthorgram wasn’t near as bad as I had pictured in my mind!

I am on the way to…..

I recently went to a BBQ at a friend’s house with a few swim families.

One of the dad’s of a local swimmer at the BBQ developed this app.


I’ve been experimenting with it and having some fun creating memories. 

Here is a short video of my last year of racing.

I made this is video to get me psyched up to start

training for the once in a lifetime opportunity the

Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Enjoy the show and check out the Loopster app!


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Giving back…..

American Cancer Society

For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis know that I strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Our CEO sent out this e-mail this week and I was intrigued.

My maternal grandmother, paternal grandparents all died from cancer. My first thought what a great opportunity for me!

 The American Cancer Society and St. Mary’s Hospital are hosting a kick-off event on Thursday, May 2, at 5:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Advanced Medical Pavilion to inform and encourage Grand Junction residents to enroll in the Society’s Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3)

 More about CPS-3

 Men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer are needed to participate in the CPS-3.

  The goal is to enroll men and women from various racial/ethnic backgrounds from across the U.S. to better understand the lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer and will save lives.  

If you are between the ages of 30 and 65 years old and have never been diagnosed with cancer, you are eligible to enroll. Enrollment is easy.  Just follow these simple steps:

Go to cps3Colorado.org to schedule your appointment. The appointment should take approximately 20-30 minutes.  Appointments will take place in the Advanced Medicine Pavilion’s East/West Conference Room.

  • Prior to your appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions to go online and complete your first, most comprehensive survey. This survey will ask you questions regarding medications you are taking, family history of cancer, etc.
  • At your appointment, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form, complete a brief survey, and provide a waist circumference measurement and a small blood sample (similar to a doctor’s visit). The blood sample will be taken by a certified, trained phlebotomist.
  • At home, you will be asked to complete mailed surveys every few years over the next 20-30 years to update lifestyle, medical, and behavioral information.

All personal information and individual results of blood analyses that are performed will be kept strictly confidential by CPS-3 research staff. There will be no cost to participate.

For more information about CPS-3, please visit cancer.org/cps3, email cps3@cancer.org, or call toll-free 1-888-604-5888.

This is our chance to fight back against a disease that takes too much. I hope you will consider participating and taking part in this historic study.


Mike McBride


I registered and have my appointment set for the end of June. The first comprehensive survey was very easy but does take about 45 minutes to complete. I was surprised that the only cancer history questions were about my siblings and parents. Be prepared to know detailed information about your fitness, weight levels for your entire life, second-hand smoke, and sun exposure.

 You don’t have to live in Colorado to participate in this research project. Just visit  American Cancer Society CPS 3 and sign up today!

 “By joining CPS-3, you can help us understand how to prevent cancer, which will save lives and give people more of their most precious resource – time. More time with their families and friends, more memories, more celebrations and more birthdays.”

Inspiration = Motivation

Yesterday I just happened to Pin this quote on pinterest.


How did this pin become motivation for me? Friends of mine wrote me the following messages last night. Wow! Just brings tears to my eyes and greater motivation to share my love for fitness, health and happiness.

Friend #1– Do you know if there are any 5k/10k events Easter weekend in the GJ area? Need to get my feet wet. More walking due to the bad knees thing. I am so inspired by you!

Friend #2–I saw your pin and wanted to let you know that you truly are the reason I am where I am today. You inspired me to work out and to be healthy so many years ago, so thank you for kick starting my passion. You have been an inspiration to many.

  • My response–Awww thank you so much! I can’t believe you are doing a full Marathon way to go! Good luck!What’s really crazy is I ran into you during my crazy adrenaline high in the RnR at mile #9! I hope to continue to inspire many more!


My Story

Recently I’ve had several friends tell me that a recent Facebook picture has been an inspiration and motivation for them. Wow what an awesome compliment. So I thought I would share my journey with all of you.

My journey to a life of health and wellness began in 2002!

I will never forget the day when I jumped out of the shower and took a look at myself in the full length mirror. I did not like the image looking back at me. I was a happy mom of a 3-year-old, I had an amazing husband and a great job but I just wasn’t happy with myself.

I had watched a Montel Williams episode when my daughter was a baby about the Body for Life program. I had purchased the book then put it on the shelf. It was this day in 2002 that book was taken off the shelf and I decided to make a change.

The episode that Michelle is referring to is the one I watched when I bought the Body for Life book.

In 2003 I was fortunate enough to attend an Energy Camp for Women in Denver at the EAS headquarters. What an experience I had! Here is a before and after picture of me back in 2001 pre BFL and 2003 after a 12 week challenge.


As we all know if you don’t stick to your health and wellness plan you gain back weight, lose muscle mass and your cardio capacity is limited. So in 2008 I decided that this was the year that I wanted to really learn for myself the “LIFE” part of the Body for Life. I had completed numerous 12 week challenges and never really did figure out what to do past the 12 week finish. Thinking in the back of my mind I knew I could do another 12 weeks. 2008 was the year designated for me to really move to the next level for “LIFE”.

A 26 week BFL marathon was an opportunity for me to continue my journey of learning about self-discipline, self motivation, determination and learning about my body not only physical but emotional as well. Planning each and every day and setting small achievable goals for the day, week, month and the year! Along with keeping positive thoughts about me each and every day helped for motivation!

Persistence is the key! I see so many people start out their challenge so strong and motivated and then they hit a life bump in their challenge and they give up. I think it is important to remember we all have life bumps but moving forward and keep persisting is a key attribute for “LIFE”. 2008 was a successful year for me on my health and wellness journey.

2009 brought more of BFL and finding balance in life of work, health and wellness. The first part of November in 2009 a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to run the Winter Sun 10K with her. My response was “I am not a runner, but if you train me I will try.” She asked me how far and how long can you run for? Maybe a minute I replied. She said well we have some work to do. She gave me a training plan starting out running for 4 minutes then walking for 2 and I only had 6 weeks to train for this 10K (6.2 miles). What the heck was I thinking?

By week 2 I was running 11 minute intervals for an hour, completing about 5 miles or so. I thought ok I can do this. We ran the local 5K Turkey Trot to get me prepared for the 10K. Many lessons learned on this 5K. I did manage to complete the 10K in 17 degree weather and have been running since.


I was still on the runners’ high when my running friend found the Warrior Dash race and suggested we do this race. Due to the fact that I still was on major runners high I jumped all over this. Signed up and started the training phase.

I continued to run in January 2010 and joined a contest that the gym was holding for the New Year. In February I started my new-found love KICKBOXING. During my 3rd class I pulled my right hamstring. UUgghh! I was very disappointed in this set back. My running slowed down for about 6 weeks. During this time I did the step mill. I thought that I would not lose much doing this kind of activity. Boy was I wrong! When I could run again it was like starting all over again.

Towards the end of July I started getting bored with the workouts and not feeling gains in running or in my strength training. Started missing workouts and getting just plain lazy. I tried to set up a training schedule for the last 28 days to get myself motivated and prepared for race day. I did find that I love to run outside on a summer morning. Hearing the birds chirp, the sun to rise above the Mesa is just a relaxing and energizing way to start the day. I also loved trying to beat my time each week when on my outdoor run.


The week before the race I was on my outdoor run and my mind was just racing wondering if I could even do this race. Running hard and fast my heart just beating and my breath unable to be caught. I simply had a mental breakdown. Negative talk to myself thinking will I be able to do this. I am not ready for this race. As I peaked the top of the hill that morning I thought back to the Warrior Dash website and its training recommendations. It’s about your mental ability more than anything. I still didn’t convince myself that day that I was anywhere near being ready. I did however take 3 minutes off my run time that day. Ohhh something was working!

As race day approached I got more and more excited. I didn’t feel 100% prepared for the race. I could only do my best. So off we went to Copper Mountain. I just kept looking at that hill and thinking that it’s 9,700 feet above sea level and the oxygen is low up here. What am I going to do?

Shirt Good idea

As I look back now I have no idea how I made it over the fire or completed the Warrior Dash not only once but THREE times. It’s all a blur when the runner’s high kicks in. Each Warrior Dash presenting different challenges! Now on to new challenges in 2013.


I now know why people continue to sign up for races. The feeling after your done is AMAZING! The runners high and the sense of self achievement and accomplishment is one of its own.

Will run for beer! Will run for beer!

In 2012 I ran my first ½ Marathon. Read my race re-cap here.


So if you are ready to cross the abyss and get moving now’s the time! Let’s do it! 2013 is your year!

Paleo and Ugly Sweaters!

Week two of the one month Paleo challenge is coming to an end. December is definitely the month you want to do a CHALLENGE like this. I know I am crazy, but let me share my thinking on this. My office like most offices around the country has all kinds of goodies during the holidays. I personally find it fun to see if I am strong-willed enough to pass on eating all the goodies. We have had sugar cookies (one of my favs the kind from the grocery store with lots of frosting), peanut butter fudge, biscotti’s, cranberry bread, cupcakes, apple cider and hot chocolate.


work cookies

Back to why I think this is a great challenge to do. The first being, do we really need to eat all that junk just because it’s the holidays? The second I find in fascinating that I can lose weight while a lot of others are gaining weight during the holidays. To date I’ve lost 3.4 lbs since starting the Paleo challenge on December 2, 2012. Now my actual goal is to get stronger and leaner and I think both are coming along nicely. Lastly, the strong-willed mind can make or break a challenge anytime of the year! It’s all in the mind!

Week 2 has been interesting for me. When I attended Kickboxing on Wednesday morning my energy level was low. I am thinking I didn’t get enough fruits/vegetables in the day before. Today I ate ½ of a Banana before my workout and I had amazing energy. I also am learning that either by taking out dairy or gluten my body functions much better or it’s adding in the extra fruit. I am a vegetable eater and eat about the same amount of vegetables as to what I ate prior to this challenge.

Here is a great story from “The Chef” and my daughter. Let me start by sharing that my Dear Daughter was not hip on changing up our eating habits. She gets what we eat plus whatever else she would like rice, pasta, bread, chips, crackers, granola bars etc….

I am sitting at the dining room table wrapping Christmas gifts she is searching for a snack in the refrigerator on this particular evening. Keep in mind she could be eating anything that is in the pantry and the refrigerator.

DD: “What happened to the Raspberries?”
Chef: “I ate half of the box and you ate half the box”
DD: “Uuggghh no fair”
Chef: “Hey I am starving too ya know”

Oh my I just busted up laughing! I think because my DD could eat ANYTHING in the house and she wanted the raspberries.

So if you are will minded enough you too can be successful during the holidays on the Paleo Challenge! It’s not too late to start!

Tis the Season!

This time of year Ugly Sweaters are in high demand. I was invited to meet some of my girlfriends for Happy Hour on Friday night and we all were to wear Ugly Sweaters. I had no time to search the second-hand stores or the Good Will. So I started asking around at work to see if anyone of my co-workers had an Ugly Sweater that I could borrow. Not a single one in my office had one. I used my resources and asked another co-worker from down the hall. She was hilarious when I called her. She said she was appalled that I thought she would have an Ugly Sweater and as a matter of fact she did have one.

I didn’t win the Ugly Sweater contest but did have one to wear!

Do you have themed holiday parties?

Stay tuned for my fabulous Holiday Drink recipe coming up next week.

Tre Amicas!

Tre Amicas!

Warrior Training Week 5 & 6!

I found this random You Tube video from the 2011 Warrior Dash. It isn’t the complete course but pretty close. The guy with the head cam totally misses an obstacle and going around the tent.

Day One & Two: Laziness!

Day Three: Day 1 5K training on Run Training App pretty easy/mellow need to change-up this training plan.

2.62 Miles

11:27 average mile

5 min warm up

60 8x second jog

90 8x second walk

5 min cool down

Day Four: Track workout

Walked Laps no idea how many! (Girl Talk)

Ran stadium stairs  = 15:00

Workout = 3.15 total miles 1:01:00

Day Five: Track Workout

Walk 1/4 Mile

Run 1/4 Mile

2 sets of stadium stairs

Workout = 3.19 miles 54:40

Day Six: Swim Mom!

Week 6!

Day One: Swim Mom!

Day Two: Natatorium workout!

Pool Stairs down, up and across! When I completed a set I walked to the other end and did 10 BOY push-ups and 25 air squats repeat 4x then I did 10 dips, 10 wall push-ups and 10 lunges on each leg. Completed 25 minutes of stairs. Total workout time 45 minutes!

Day Three: Run on treadmill 1.20 miles then headed to Kickboxing. I love this class. I burn a great deal of calories and have fun at the same time!

The instructor put together a boxing cadence to include this. So much fun!






Day Four: First day of 1/2 Marathon training. I am using two apps on my phone when I run. Map my run to track my mileage for the 30 miles in 30 days and Run Training for 1/2 training.

3.49 miles of Run/Walk 48:07

Day Five: My new running partner really didn’t want to swim today she just wanted to run. I think she covers double the amount of ground than I do when I can have her off the leash.

Hope my new running partner! She loves to run and swim!

Day two of 1/2 training run/walk 3.92 miles 53:23

Day Six: Day three of 1/2 training! It’s official I have signed up for the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in Denver on September 22, 2012. I think I had a huge runner’s high when I hit send on the registration.

Day three of 1/2 training run/walk 4.59 miles 1:03:02

Day Seven: Rest day! The “Chef” is taking me out-of-town for a little get away!

Signed up for the Denver Post Run Challenge! 30 Miles in 30 Days!

Total Miles = 13.2 miles 4 days! (Only four days to complete a half!) LOL!

Warrior Dash Week 3 Training!

Day One & Two: Rest Day

Day Three: Kick-It Class

Day Four: Kick-It Class

Day Five: One round for time

This box was a bit different than the one from the previous workout different gym.

40 Box Step Ups

40 Squats

35 Box Step Ups

35 Squats

30 Box Step Ups

30 Squats

25 Box Step Ups

25 Squats

20 Box Step Ups

20 Squats

15 Box Step Ups

15 Squats

10 Box Step Ups

10 Squats

5 Box Jumps

5 Squats

Time: 11:54

40:00 Step Mill

Day Six: Run/Walk with the dog. This is a new experience for me. She would totally freak out when we would pass by a sprinkler. At about mile 2.5 I was looking for the port a potty. Needless to say my run was a little distracted.

3.32 Miles 42:00 Minutes

Day Seven: Zumba

Lesson #1 Fish out of Water!

In my new fitness adventure I am going to learn how to swim. Until today my swimming consisted of survival swimming. Basically the ability to swim from the boat to the water ski without spilling my beer. Today was my very first swimming lesson. One of my new workout friends has been swimming her entire life. She said she would teach me. So here goes nothing. I put on a one piece suit (never have owned one in my life) and a cap (can’t hear a thing) and the goggles. I look like a dork and off we go onto the deck at the University. My daughters swim coach was there and commented  that he wasn’t in the mood to get wet today to rescue me. (I took that as a challenge not to drown or die).

We approach the bulk head and I look at the water. I am one of those girls who typically would get in the water slowly.  Nope not now just go for it. Jump in! While holding my nose so water doesn’t go into my brain. My new coach really can’t believe that I have no clue how to breath under water. I am not a natural at this like my “Mini Me”. I breath in my nose out my mouth. Well in swimming it’s the opposite. We start just by going up and down in the water  breathing in my mouth out my nose. Next we grab a kick board, this is going to help me learn to get a pattern. Kick, breath in the mouth out the nose.

No more survival swimming for me! I am starting to get the hang of this breathing. The pool was set up for long course 50 meters. It did take me FOREVER to do just a 50 by kicking and learning my new breathing I swam about 600 meters before we ended my first session.

Many lessons learned today. Not only did I begin to learn how to swim I also have an even greater appreciation for my mini me and her swimming abilities. During one of my 50’s I thought to myself I feel like that little 6-year-old kid trying to complete a 25. My mind also starting thinking about how fast my mini me can actually swim a 100 meters. I feel good that I tried something that I have never done before and really liked it. I am looking forward to the next lesson. Now to find me a water proof heart rate monitor to know how hard I am working. I got a good workout in and the swim coach didn’t need to rescue me because I didn’t drown or die!

So do something today that you never thought you could no matter how old you are! 

Girls Night!

The school year has come to an end and I decided it would be fun to have my friends and my daughter’s friends over for a fun Mary Kay Party!

I worked harder preparing for the party than I do at my day job. LOL! I did manage to get in a killer “KICK IT” workout in.

Off to the grocery store and the liquor store to gather supplies for the fun night planned.

I had a Mexican food theme in mind. The menu was simple and fun. I wasn’t consistent in my picture-taking. I think I got all caught up making the food and forgot to take pictures. So the photos will be random.

Mini Bean Tostadas!

Flour Tortillas

Vegetarian Refried Beans

Fiesta Cheese


I made a Pico for the topping of the mini torts.







I used a cookie cutter and cut the tortillas. Then baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes. Then add the refried beans and cheese pop back into the oven for 5 mins top with the pico.


Chips & Salsa and a white cheese sauce and the “Chef” made guacamole.

Cheated on this store-bought!
















The dessert is my personal favorite and personal specialty

Mini Brownies with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the middle!

Box of brownie mix


Pink Chocolate


When the brownies are about half way done insert the Reese’s in and finish baking. When cooled remove from pan and drizzle your color of chocolate on top. I choose Pink today for Mary Kay! 









Last but not least the beverage of the night!


Fresh squeezed Key Limes

Tequila Blanco

Agave Nectar

In a shaker add lots of crushed ice

2 oz Tequilla

1 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz Agave Nectar

Salt a glass and pour over ice!

You only need ONE! 

For the kids and non-drinkers I served Raspberry Ice Tea.

I hope you will enjoy these fun recipes. I have book club in June offering wine and dessert. Any suggestions?