AMAZING! Where does the time go?

Seriously how have I missed posting since the end of July? Life has just been crazy busy (I know not a good excuse) and some major writers block.

So I decided just to re-cap my craziness in a photo blitz of the last couple of months!



1015B3 1015B4

1015B5 1015B6

Lake Powell the best place on earth!


1015B7 1015B8 1015B9

The 43rd Annual

Carbondale Mountain Fair

 Wild At Heart: Celebrating Our People, Town, and Wilderness

1015B10 1015B11 1015B12

Sassy and Sweat!

1015B13 1015B14 1015B15

Who doesn’t love a killer BUCKCHERRY concert?


Our Fall headline tour is underway! Tickets and VIP still available here. Hope to see you on the road!

Oct 03 Austin’s Fuel Room Libertyville, IL
Oct 04 Mickey’s Bar Lancaster, OH
Oct 05 Louder Than Life Festival Louisville, KY
Oct 07 The Machine Shop Flint, MI
Oct 08 Club 3D Beckley, WV
Oct 10 Horseshoe Casino Robinsonville, MS
Oct 11 The station bar & grill Broussard, LA
Oct 14 Hurricane Harry’s College Station, TX
Oct 15 Howlin’ Wolf New Orleans, LA
Oct 17 Warehouse Live Ballroom Houston, TX
Oct 18 Sunken Gardens Amphitheatre San Antonio, TX
Oct 19 Pharr Events Center Pharr, TX
Oct 21 Speaking Rock Ent. Center El Paso, TX
Oct 22 Top Deck Farmington, NM
Oct 25 The Love Ride Castaic, CA
Nov 01 Maverick Stadium Adelanto, CA
Nov 06 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CA
Nov 07 The Ranch San Miguel, CA
Nov 09 Phoenix Int. Raceway Phoenix, AZ

1015B16 1015B17

First day of school and Maizey the BNPPB is getting big!

1015B18 1015B19

Friends,concerts and bike rides!


1015B21 More Sassiness!

1015B22 1015B23 1015B24   1015B25

The Mile High City!

The Bride, the bridesmaid and my go to traveling breakfast. Starbucks oatmeal with protein and a hot black coffee!


My Mini Me and Fall Flowers!


Friends and Tri’s!


My motivation poster!

1015B29 1015B30

Real life work! St. Mary’s Ball


Fresh veggies always a plus! (That is a tomato not a donut!)


Love the Broncos!


Girl time!


This is my defense against the dreaded cold!

1015B35 1015B36 1015B37

So Many events! Walk4 Life, Cage Wars and SURVIVE Fashion Show!


Inflatable 5K Review

Inflatable 5K

Let me start off by saying this was a fun fun fun race. I think having a large team made the race so fun.


(Michael, Carol and I ready for the race) 

I do have a few rants about this race. Let’s get them out of the way first thing. I personally felt the expense of this race was high for what you get. I paid $52.50 for the registration fee then an additional insurance fee of $3.50. Now here is the most upsetting part. On the day of the race we were charged a $10 parking fee. Not once in any of the pre-registration information did it say there would be an additional parking fee.

The packet pick up was a joke. You received a Sports Authority plastic bag with your bib (no timing chip), a coupon for Sports Authority and a nice plastic Sports Authority bracelet. At the finish line you were awarded with a t-shirt, cup of water and a granola bar.

When I was filling out my survey I looked at the price of the Warrior Dash in comparison. The registration fee is $60 three months out from race day. When participating in the Warrior Dash they give you a timing chip, t-shirt, warrior hat, medal, banana, water, oranges and a FREE Beer.

I guess I felt that for the price of the Inflatable 5k I didn’t get my money’s worth maybe that’s just me.


(Carol was our team captain great shirt if your team has more than 10 people)


The instructions told us to arrive an hour before our wave. Really we could have arrived about 30 minutes and been safe. It was fun to watch the first wave of the day head out into bounce mania.

The first obstacle at the start is called Bounce Way to Heaven. I wanted to get to the back of the pack because I didn’t want to get trampled on. The large bouncing steps would be much easier to climb over if you could actually bounce but there were way to many people. When you get to the top there is a slide down.

IN Bounce way to heaven





(See the guy in the white shirt in front of Carol in the air. Crazy fun! He is one of our team members )

This was probably one of my favorite obstacles.

I may or may not have all the obstacles in the right order. It’s been almost a week since the race and I have had a lot of things happen since then.

Run This Way

You get through this obstacle by running in one direction. Sounds pretty simple, right? Trust us, you’re not going to want to take this obstacle lightly. Run This Way challenges your balance and agility as you make your way across this huge mattress filled with ankle-loving holes.

In Run this way

Haha my friend Carol watched a video of this obstacle before the event and she said just run over the top. Yep we skipped the holes and ran over the top.

Bust On Thru to the other side

This obstacle is the ultimate agility test and is not for the faint of heart. Made up of three tire sections, Bust On Thru challenges you to break through four sets of doors without falling down. If your feet aren’t nimble and your knees inflexible, you may want to take this one a little slow.

IN Bust on Thru

I think the hardest part of this obstacle was the doors that would slam into you.

Big Balls

These Big Balls are always bouncing and we guarantee you’ll be smacked, whacked and knocked down by them. Quite possibly the world’s largest ball-pit, once you crawl under the entrance point, you’re immediately faced with giant flying balls coming directly at you. Duck, dive and dodge your way to the other side!

IN Big Balls

We had a blast pushing the balls into the people coming into the tent.

Tangled Up

 Sometimes getting a little Tangled Up is more fun than you’d think. Here’s your chance to get tangled in one of our most unique obstacles. Simply pick a lane, take the leap and navigate your way through. Don’t let the size intimidate you, trust us, you’ll get out. Eventually. This was a fun one.

IN Tangled up

My friend Carol is shorter than I am and we were wondering how we would get over the lanes. In the middle of the lane I gave Carol a little push to get her over.


Lose Yourself

Once you get to Lose Yourself, you’re no doubt sweating, feeling fatigued and wondering where you go next? Well, that’s for you to figure out; don’t let the mesh walls confuse you either. Adding to the pandemonium… your fellow runners will be up close and personal with you too!

IN Lose Yourself

I was very worried about this obstacle. Lucky for me a YOUNG fellow runner took the lead and got us through the maze in no time.


By the time you reach Disturbia, you’ll think you’ve come to some futuristic structure or maybe you’re hallucinating. Pick a crazy lane and go for it. Let the music be your guide … just don’t let Disturbia get the best of you!

In Disturbia

This was very awkward but easy!

Electric Slide

Leave the boring straight slides on the playground. The Electric Slide is extremely steep, twisting, partially enclosed and sure to leave you wanting more. No worries, you’re allowed a second slide. You’re also allowed to start your own dance party.

IN Electric Slide


This slide reminded me of a water slide minus the water. Keep your feet up or they will get hung up on the way down. Carol got a nice elbow burn from this slide.


Jump Around

This is where the rubber meets insanity and hands down one of the most insane obstacles you’ll ever experience. Simulating what it might be like to walk on the moon, Jump Around has more than 70 feet of crazy, bouncy fun.

IN Jump Around

This was my favorite obstacle. The key is to jump from one spot to the next. When you get to the end jump land on your bootay and bounce off.
Pure Misery

We took a page from our military’s training handbook and created this goliath that will leave you begging for mercy. This 100-foot long beast will test your strength, agility, flexibility and endurance as you complete multiple obstacles within the confines of this challenge. Some would say misery loves company.

IN Pure Misery

I like this slide! In the middle it had a platform that broke you speed for the next slide.

Crazy Air

Finish Line

IN Crazy Air 



Insane things come to those who wait … and trust us, this is INSANE!

Crazy Air is the most fun obstacle you’ll go on all day and features one of the steepest inflatable slides in the world! You’ll slide down at a rapid pace and when you hit the bottom, there’s a lip to launch you into the air and onto the landing pad. The Crazy Air is more than 110 feet long and the only one of its kind.

Seriously, it’s the most fun you’ll have all day!

After reading that the finish line was 110 ft long slide I was a bit worried. By the time I got to the top I was ready and it was a blast!



Huge Thank you to John who had the most important job of all! Finish line BEER!




Photo bomb

Overall this was a fun race. Would I do it again probably depending on other race options on the same day.
Read More: Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacles | Insane Inflatables |

Photos: Inflatable 5K website and Anthony Calacino

Part 2 of the Bay Series!


Ferry trip!

Ferry trip!

After the ferry ride from Sausalito back to Pier 1 it was time once again walk the streets of San Francisco back to the Nike store.  On our way we found a few little artists booths. Some of the girls stopped and made a few purchases of interesting photographs of the bay area. We then scurried down to the Nike store.

Fractal Art

Fractal Art

Oh my! How many people can you really fit into one Nike store? One of the girls wanted to exchange a shirt she had purchased and I was looking for an additional one.

Guess what! Amy wanted to exchange her black medium for a black small and there wasn’t a single black shirt left in the store let alone a small and this is a 7 floor Nike store. I searched and searched the racks for the shirt I wanted and found a size medium on the mannequin.  Just as we were going to undress the mannequin, a lady said they had a medium on a different rack. Yep it was the very last one! Lesson here is if you would like to purchase Nike souvenirs get to the store a couple of days before the race not the day before.

Banner on top of the Nike store.

Banner on top of the Nike store.

Back out into the streets of Union Square to find our way back to the hotel. We decided on a different route this time, wandering through China town. I am only 5’4 but feel very tall next to most of the women in China town. We passed a sushi restaurant that looked very interesting. It was a boat floating thru water with a sushi buffet. I believe the name of the restaurant was the Sushi Boat.

Lantern in China town.

Lantern in China town.


I am not sure if getting back to our room was a good idea. We all were tired and ready to eat and wanted to be to bed early since we had to be at the start by 5:30 AM. We all managed to get a little cleaned up and found an Italian Restaurant close to our hotel.

"Mangia" = Let's Eat!

“Mangia” = Let’s Eat!

When we arrived the host said our wait would only be about 15 minutes. I think he forgot they had a bunch of reservations to come in to be seated too. We sat and sat and sat. If he would have told us when we arrived the wait was an hour we could have made a decision to stay or find another restaurant.

Lesson here is be sure to make a reservation in San Francisco. We finally got a table and it was Mangia time!

I ordered the Pappardelle Bolognese Homemade wide Fettuccine pasta in an Italian tomato beef ragout. The meat sauce was ok but the home-made noodles were to die for. By the time we got our food it was about 8:00 Pacific Time 9:00 home/Mountain Time and I really didn’t feel like eating.

I ate what I could and then ordered the Profiterole – Homemade cream puffs filled with vanilla gelato. 

Home made pasta is the best!

Home made pasta is the best!

Delicious dessert!

Delicious dessert!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel to prepare for race day!

Time till race while waiting for a table.

Time till race while waiting for a table.

Bib, wrist band, shirt, shoes. "Let's do this!"

Stay tuned for “Race Day Re-Cap”!

I am on the way to…..

I recently went to a BBQ at a friend’s house with a few swim families.

One of the dad’s of a local swimmer at the BBQ developed this app.


I’ve been experimenting with it and having some fun creating memories. 

Here is a short video of my last year of racing.

I made this is video to get me psyched up to start

training for the once in a lifetime opportunity the

Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Enjoy the show and check out the Loopster app!


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To sweat or not to sweat!

During my junior high days I remember our PE teachers would stand with a clipboard marking our names off as we exited the showers.

Why you might ask? They wanted to make sure we washed the sweat off our bodies after PE. Haha back then I didn’t sweat let alone WANT to.

Until the last 6 months I didn’t sweat when working out. I am not sure if it’s due to my physical make up or the condition that I was in. Now I sweat like crazy and strive to be soaked by the end of my workouts. It’s fun to dirty the mirrors in kickboxing at the end of class.



Time to get our sweat on this month! Half training begins March 11, 2013.


10K Training!

When my friends and I finished the Rock n Roll ½ Marathon we decided to take on another race. The Winter Sun 10K in Moab, UT. I personally made the decision that I wanted to run this race at a faster than my ½ marathon per mile. We have about 7 weeks until race day. I looked up a training plan on Hal Higdon’s website and started this week. 

I started the 200 squat challenge on September 27, 2012. I am hoping to help my bottom by doing all these squats. 


Monday – I did not manage to get up this morning. I was exhausted from the weekend my ball that I plan was on Saturday night. I felt like I ran a ½ marathon. No worries I will get all my workouts in. 

Tuesday – Its official I started my 10K training today! 7 weeks till race day and I WILL RUN LESS than a 10 min mile. I also completed my squats today 137 total!

Wednesday – Today was my speed work out day! I actually had a blast doing this work out. I know call me crazy. I walked for ¼ mile then ran at 8:56 mile for ¼ of a mile. I did (8) ¼ mile intervals I only rested for a short time to catch my breath. Wow what a sweat workout this was. Ended up close to 4 miles in 40 min. Then did lots of stretching.

Thursday – 4 miles and 153 squats done!

Friday – Body Pump! 

This is a Les Mills workout. 60 minute workout that challenges all your major muscle groups with great music.

Saturday – KICK IT! I love this class! By far my favorite workout of all time. 

A non-stop, non-contact class that integrates shadow boxing, strength training, drills and cardio kickboxing combinations for a cardio workout that will kick your routine up a notch.  With tons of cardio, kick, punches and footwork and lots of sweat! 

Sunday – Rest day!

Denver Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon Race Review

This is going to be long but well worth the read! 

In January of 2012 a friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in running the Rock n Roll ½ Marathon in Denver. At that time I had just had surgery and was still recovering. I kept this in the back of my mind for many months. In July I officially signed up for the race and talked two other friends into running it also. My thoughts at this time were “can I really run for 13.1 miles”?


I started my Warrior Dash training the first week in June and new that my ½ training needed to start the last week in June. I think this is what nudged me to officially sign up. I was already running why not just add 10 miles to it…


There are a few things that I love about running. It’s very hard for me but gets me into great shape very quickly, I love that it clears my head and love that running burns a great deal of calories.


Let’s get to race week!


So race week is actually a pretty easy week of running. Monday I did 4 easy miles, Tuesday 3 easy miles, Wednesday rest day and Thursday 2 easy miles and Friday the day before the race rest day.


My friends and I met at our hotel to check in. The entire lobby was covered with 250 University of Oklahoma students in town for a convention. Pure craziness…I had been hydrating while driving to downtown Denver and really needed the ladies room. I managed to find it rather quickly. Why is it when you are hydrating you get stuck in traffic. I am so not a city girl. Once we succeeded to get checked in we walked down to the convention center for the Fitness Expo and packet pick up.


Prior to race day you receive an e-mail asking that you print out a confirmation and release sheet. On the sheet you are assigned a corral number based on the time you thought you could finish the race in.


Once inside the expo it’s very fast and efficient. You check in with your drivers’ license at the corral that is assigned to you. They handed us our bibs and safety pins at this time. A couple of girls wanted to change their corral numbers. This was a very easy process. They had a table set up specifically for start time changes. Each person who changed his or her corral received a green dot. Once this was done we moved on to the t-shirt pick up and swag bag pick up. No lines anywhere! 🙂


Into the expo we went. There are tons of different vendors and booths throughout the convention center from Brooks to Sprouts. I think we all made one purchase at the expo. I stopped at the Razzy Roo for a couple of headbands.


We found a booth that sold running t-shirts. I loved these shirts but didn’t think they were worth $26.99.


Front of the Shirt




We stopped at the GU station and taste tested many different kinds of protein bars. Most of them were ok but not great.

GU Booth!


Last stop at the expo was the 21 and over wristband stop. This was by far the smartest thing we did. I will explain more about why this was so smart later in my race review.


Time to find Maggiano’s for dinner! We had a reservation for a later time and tried to get in early but there was a very long line of runners waiting for a table. So we stopped at Earls for ONE glass of wine before dinner. Once we got our table we all shared an artichoke appetizer. Each of us ordered the Tuscan Bean soup and we split the lasagna and spaghetti & meatballs. Once we were completely full we walked back to our hotel to get sleep before the big day!


All three of us set our alarms 5 minutes apart. We wanted to make sure we didn’t over sleep! At 5:18 one of the phones started ringing and woke us up. It was my friend’s sister wanting us to find her at the start. We got up at 6:00 got dressed ate a banana and nutella tortilla wrap with a cup of coffee.


Out the door we go! Our hotel was about 4 blocks from the beginning of the start. We dropped the “Gazelle” off at corral #3 her goal was to finish in 1:50:00. Myself and my German friend head to corral #11 stop at corral #7 to say hi to her sister on the way. We meet up with my mile high running buddy. We are standing around talking and people watching. My teeth are chattering at this point. Not because it’s cold mostly from nerves.


Finally the 7:15 shotgun goes off the race has started. Each corral is held for 30-60 seconds. We are taking pictures and listening to the announcers and music until our corral makes it to the start.


And we’re off! Running downtown Denver. We run about .25 of a mile and my mouth is already dry. I tell my friend’s jeeze we just started and my mouth is dry. My German friend said the same thing. Lucky for us I have some Quench gum. What a savior it was at this time.


The first mile is just running down 14th street passing lots of spectators, the convention center and the performing arts center. We had a great non-rabbit start. This will help us finish strong!


Mile #2 takes us around to the Pepsi center down to Coors Field. We’re all feeling good and holding our pace. At this point we passed 3 different bands. Seemed like all the bands on the course were playing the same song. “Sweet Home Alabama” Once we reached the 5K mark we all commented on how easy a 5K is now.


After the 5K we turned the corner and up hill we went down 17th street to the city park/zoo. There were spectators cheering us on. So many fun signs to be read. “Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much butt.” The best one was “I don’t know you but I am proud of you!”


I did stop at each drink station to have either water or Gatorade. At mile #4 I had part of a shock block and did eat one every other mile. By the end I was sick of these sweet things wanted something salty. Could have just licked my arm but that would have been disgusting.


Miles 5-8 were running around the City park/zoo. These miles went by really fast. Maybe it’s because my mile high friend and I were in a deep conversation at this point. The relay hand off was just right before mile #8.


We now are running on 17th to Colorado Blvd we could see other runners facing us. At this point we are just waiting and waiting and waiting for the turn to hit the #9 mile marker. Once we hit #9 I get a huge amount of energy. Making friends on the run cheering others on. I hear someone say my name it just happened to be a girl who worked for me back in my restaurant days. She ran with a bit until her hamstring was too tight and needed to walk.


Mile 9 -10 took us up through a little neighborhood that was shaded up hill but very beautiful and relaxing. Someone on the course told us that the last 3 miles were down hill hahahaha not true. We did have a little down hill here and I was pacing my breathing and staying in my groove. My quads were beginning to feel really tight. I would try to kick my heels up to my butt to stretch them out.


Cheesman Park brought us from mile 11- 12. The very end of the park was all up hill. I wanted to walk so bad. I kept telling myself don’t walk just slow your pace. I managed to get to the top of the hill and see the #12 mile marker. Shewwww only one mile to go!


This mile seemed like FOREVER. I was listening for the music hoping once I could hear it that would mean I am close to the finish. Well, I made it to the music but it wasn’t even near the finish. Somewhat, motivating because I love the song that was playing. I really wish they had the last mile marked.


Woo Hoo! I crossed the finish line! OMG I really did it! What an emotion this accomplishment is! 


Getting our wrist band at the expo allowed us to not wait in line to get into the beer garden for our FREE Michalob Ulta!

Will run for beer!

Swag = Little back pack, Shirt, Bib and Medal!

I am sure there is tons that I have forgotten will post more as I think of things. If you have any questions about the Rock n Roll Half Marathon make a comment!