I am on the way to…..

I recently went to a BBQ at a friend’s house with a few swim families.

One of the dad’s of a local swimmer at the BBQ developed this app.


I’ve been experimenting with it and having some fun creating memories. 

Here is a short video of my last year of racing.

I made this is video to get me psyched up to start

training for the once in a lifetime opportunity the

Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Enjoy the show and check out the Loopster app!


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My Story

Recently I’ve had several friends tell me that a recent Facebook picture has been an inspiration and motivation for them. Wow what an awesome compliment. So I thought I would share my journey with all of you.

My journey to a life of health and wellness began in 2002!

I will never forget the day when I jumped out of the shower and took a look at myself in the full length mirror. I did not like the image looking back at me. I was a happy mom of a 3-year-old, I had an amazing husband and a great job but I just wasn’t happy with myself.

I had watched a Montel Williams episode when my daughter was a baby about the Body for Life program. I had purchased the book then put it on the shelf. It was this day in 2002 that book was taken off the shelf and I decided to make a change.

The episode that Michelle is referring to is the one I watched when I bought the Body for Life book.

In 2003 I was fortunate enough to attend an Energy Camp for Women in Denver at the EAS headquarters. What an experience I had! Here is a before and after picture of me back in 2001 pre BFL and 2003 after a 12 week challenge.


As we all know if you don’t stick to your health and wellness plan you gain back weight, lose muscle mass and your cardio capacity is limited. So in 2008 I decided that this was the year that I wanted to really learn for myself the “LIFE” part of the Body for Life. I had completed numerous 12 week challenges and never really did figure out what to do past the 12 week finish. Thinking in the back of my mind I knew I could do another 12 weeks. 2008 was the year designated for me to really move to the next level for “LIFE”.

A 26 week BFL marathon was an opportunity for me to continue my journey of learning about self-discipline, self motivation, determination and learning about my body not only physical but emotional as well. Planning each and every day and setting small achievable goals for the day, week, month and the year! Along with keeping positive thoughts about me each and every day helped for motivation!

Persistence is the key! I see so many people start out their challenge so strong and motivated and then they hit a life bump in their challenge and they give up. I think it is important to remember we all have life bumps but moving forward and keep persisting is a key attribute for “LIFE”. 2008 was a successful year for me on my health and wellness journey.

2009 brought more of BFL and finding balance in life of work, health and wellness. The first part of November in 2009 a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to run the Winter Sun 10K with her. My response was “I am not a runner, but if you train me I will try.” She asked me how far and how long can you run for? Maybe a minute I replied. She said well we have some work to do. She gave me a training plan starting out running for 4 minutes then walking for 2 and I only had 6 weeks to train for this 10K (6.2 miles). What the heck was I thinking?

By week 2 I was running 11 minute intervals for an hour, completing about 5 miles or so. I thought ok I can do this. We ran the local 5K Turkey Trot to get me prepared for the 10K. Many lessons learned on this 5K. I did manage to complete the 10K in 17 degree weather and have been running since.


I was still on the runners’ high when my running friend found the Warrior Dash race and suggested we do this race. Due to the fact that I still was on major runners high I jumped all over this. Signed up and started the training phase.

I continued to run in January 2010 and joined a contest that the gym was holding for the New Year. In February I started my new-found love KICKBOXING. During my 3rd class I pulled my right hamstring. UUgghh! I was very disappointed in this set back. My running slowed down for about 6 weeks. During this time I did the step mill. I thought that I would not lose much doing this kind of activity. Boy was I wrong! When I could run again it was like starting all over again.

Towards the end of July I started getting bored with the workouts and not feeling gains in running or in my strength training. Started missing workouts and getting just plain lazy. I tried to set up a training schedule for the last 28 days to get myself motivated and prepared for race day. I did find that I love to run outside on a summer morning. Hearing the birds chirp, the sun to rise above the Mesa is just a relaxing and energizing way to start the day. I also loved trying to beat my time each week when on my outdoor run.


The week before the race I was on my outdoor run and my mind was just racing wondering if I could even do this race. Running hard and fast my heart just beating and my breath unable to be caught. I simply had a mental breakdown. Negative talk to myself thinking will I be able to do this. I am not ready for this race. As I peaked the top of the hill that morning I thought back to the Warrior Dash website and its training recommendations. It’s about your mental ability more than anything. I still didn’t convince myself that day that I was anywhere near being ready. I did however take 3 minutes off my run time that day. Ohhh something was working!

As race day approached I got more and more excited. I didn’t feel 100% prepared for the race. I could only do my best. So off we went to Copper Mountain. I just kept looking at that hill and thinking that it’s 9,700 feet above sea level and the oxygen is low up here. What am I going to do?

Shirt Good idea

As I look back now I have no idea how I made it over the fire or completed the Warrior Dash not only once but THREE times. It’s all a blur when the runner’s high kicks in. Each Warrior Dash presenting different challenges! Now on to new challenges in 2013.


I now know why people continue to sign up for races. The feeling after your done is AMAZING! The runners high and the sense of self achievement and accomplishment is one of its own.

Will run for beer! Will run for beer!

In 2012 I ran my first ½ Marathon. Read my race re-cap here.


So if you are ready to cross the abyss and get moving now’s the time! Let’s do it! 2013 is your year!

Race Week!

The anticipation of a race! I am so excited can’t wait for all of us girls to get together look adorable and then get all muddy!

Time to hydrate up! This will be my third Warrior Dash and 4th race. In the past I really didn’t think about the week before too much just would do my thing and run on race day. Cheers here’s to the H2O this week!

Day One: Time 5K! Interesting run started out faster than I normally do and it totally affected me by the time I was finished. I also started running about 3 hours later in the day because it was Sunday morning. The temperature was almost 80, pretty hot for me while running.

5K = 32:04

Day Two: ½ Marathon training. Today was a scheduled easy run. I kept my heart rate between 75% & 80% of max.

4.66 Miles in 1:02:06

Natatorium Workout: 30:00 minutes running stairs, 25 air squats, walking lunges, 10 push-ups and 10 dips.

Day Three: 1/2 Training easy 3 miles keeping my heart rate between 75% = 80% of max. I was lucky today to have 2 of my best friends join me this morning. The Chef was up and ready to go with me. His run pace is much faster than mine. When he is conditioned I will have a hard time keeping up. Hope our crazy rabbit chaser came along too!

Love the color of the sun reflecting in the canal

Day Four: One hour Kickboxing Class – I love this class so much fun! Time flew by!

Day Five: 1/2 Training

I had a total blonde moment on my run. Had in my mind that I needed to run out 2.50 miles and back when it was REALLY 2.25. So I did more than the required miles! Keeping heart rate between 90-100%

5:14 = 59:16

Day Six: Rest and Travel Day

Day Seven: Race Day stay tuned for a race re-cap early next week. 

This is how we do it!


So if it’s music is it retro or vintage? Does it matter how many years it’s been?

Warrior Dash Week 10!

Day One: Rest and Read! I love a day when I can just read.

Day Two: Changed up my ½ Training from minutes to miles today.

4.50 Miles in 51:25

Day Three: Treadmill workout! Blech since I have started running outside I dread the treadmill.

2 mile run treadmill

10 Push-ups (Boy)

32 Bicep curls (8 full, 8 half,8 full 8 diagonal)

15 Shoulder Press

10 Push-ups (Boy)

15 Dips

15 Rows

15 lateral Raises

10 Push-ups (Boy)

15 Tri-cep Kickbacks

15 Pullups (Assisted I am a whimp)

Day four: I was so excited to go to kickboxing. Then the instructor didn’t show up! Boo Hoo! So I walked on the treadmill changing up my incline every 5 minutes for an hour. BORING!

Day Five: Rest Day!

Day Six: HARD run kept my heart rate between 95% -100% of max.

4.30 miles 47:37

Day Seven: Rest stayed up way to late!

It’s all about the shoes…………or not!

I am sure Missy Franklin’s shoes are not important to her for training unless of course it’s fins or flip flops! I love the fact that a Colorado “GIRL” swimmer is in the Olympics and winning a few gold medals! Isn’t her smile addicting?

What I really want to know is what’s in Michael Phelps head phones? Wonder if his playlist would inspire me. 

Shoe shopping!

Today was the day for a new pair of running shoes. My friend who talked me into running the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon said to visit Browns Shoe Fit. They would help me find the right kind of shoes. The staff is very very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. So if you are in need of new running shoes I highly recommend Brown’s Shoe Fit! 

He had me stand on a computer-generated foot sensor that shows pressure points in your feet. After looking at 5-10 different images and angles. He shared with me that I have a muscle in my foot that needs to be strengthened. I can do this a couple of different ways. One by wearing the orthotic inserts they sell and the second doing some regular stretches. He showed me a few stretches to do and also recommended I get the orthotics.


Is the computer a ploy or is it for real?


After the computer images he had me run barefoot on the treadmill while video tapping me. We watched to determine what kind of running shoe I need based on my gate and pronation and I am sure other things but I was on information overload by this point. He shared there is 3 types of running shoes. Stability, Cushion and Motion control. Then we measured my feet. I need a cushion shoe based on my pressure points and running style. 

Motion control footwear emphasizes medial support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or foot bridges. This medial (inside support) support slows the rate of over pronation. An example of a motion control shoe would be the Asics Evolution.

 Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support features into its design. An example would be the Asics GT 2170 running shoe. 

Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoe companies add materials to the heel and forefoot areas to enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc. An example of a cushioned running shoe would be the Nike Pegasus.

Now it’s time measure my foot. He was interested in my foot size from the large part of my foot on the outside before the big toe to the heel. Let’s get to trying on shoes. We started with size 6.5 and the most ugly shoe. But I guess comfort beats cuteness.


After walking and feeling them we decided a size 7 would be better because athletic shoes run short. Once I moved to a size 7 he found the perfect cute and comfortable shoe!


Asics Gel-Cumulus Lightning/Hot Pink/Storm




Week 9 Warrior Dash Training! 

Day One: USAF State Swim meet cheering!

Day Two: Recovery from traveling all weekend.

Day Three & Day Four: Kickboxing – I totally love this class. I get to imagine that I am punching people in the face the gut, the back and best of all kicking them where it counts….LOL!

Day Five: Full Moon Run…work duty called early this morning so I strapped in a head lamp and headed out for a 30 min run/walk in the full moon. It was beautiful!

2.85 Miles 33:40 legs felt very heavy!

Day Six: ½ training Walk/Jog/Run/Walk

4.84 Miles 1:00:53

Day Seven: 1/2 training Walk/Jog/Walk

5.09 Miles 1:02:28

50 Min easy swim

Week 8!

Only 20 days until the Warrior Dash….Praying all my orders come in on time so I look as cute at my team mates!

Day One: Rest Day

 Day Two: Natatorium workout

 Run down across and up. 25 Air Squats then walking lunges back to original start 10 BOY pushups repeat 4 times total time 32:13

 Day Three: Rest Day

 Day Four: 1/2 Marathon training run/walk

 4.53 miles 1:00.04

 My 4 legged running partner was out of control today. She had lots of energy. Chasing rabbits getting stuck in a barbed wire fence and kissing every other dog we came into contact with.

 Day Five: 1/2 training with the rabbit chasing fool.

 5.09 miles 1:04:03

 Day Six: Today Hope the rabbit chasing fool was lame from running so hard yesterday. I decided to take my substitute 4 legged friend Buster. Lucky for him we only did a short 1/2 marathon training. He is SLOW, more like a walking dog instead of running. My walk is a run for him.  

We saw many people and dogs on the trial and he had “little man’s syndrome” barked at all of them.


3.09 miles 45:19


Day Seven: USAF State Swim Meet!


30 Miles in 30 Days = 34.77 COMPLETED! J

Warrior Training Week 7! The Final Count Down.

I am so excited for our outfits this year for the Warrior Dash! We are going to look really cute before getting covered in MUD! Only 4 1/2 weeks left before the big day!

Day One: Rest Day

Day Two: Natatorium workout!

Pool Stairs down, up and across! When I completed a set I walked to the other end and did 10 BOY push-ups and 25 air squats repeat 4x then I did 10 dips, 10 wall push-ups and 10 lunges on each leg. Completed 25 minutes of stairs. Total workout time 45 minutes!

Day Three: 15: 00 on Treadmill and Kickboxing Class! I decided to only log “Map My Run” miles for the 30 Miles in 30 days!

Day Four: Kickboxing Class and Natatorium workout!

Day Five: Rest Day!

Day Six: 1/2 Marathon Training run/walk 4.56 miles 59:30

Day Seven:  My house to the pool. Walk 5 min, Run 45:00 = 4.26 Miles

30 Miles in 30 Days Total = 22.06