Are you a Thelma or Louise?

Do you remember at the beginning of February, I asked if you were a Thelma or a Louise?


I am a Louise!


You are up front and take no prisoners! 

You will do whatever it takes to help a friend in need. There are some skeletons in your closet and you keep a tight lip on your past. You are a natural-born leader and take charge of the situation. 

Your life moto should be ‘men are pigs, and we are having a pig roast girls’
Never be taken alive!

Lucky for me my friend is Thelma!


Newly inhibition free and on the loose!

You are shy at first but open up when you get a little tipsy. It’s easy for you to get into trouble and when you do, you just end up making it worse for yourself. 

Your life moto should be ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. 

Never be taken alive!

The two of us will be running the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon. 


It’s not too late for you to grab your Thelma or your Louise and join us on June 1 in Moab, Utah for a day of adventure.

Thelma and Louise Moab

Fit February!

Time to set the monthly goals and make them happen!

February will continue the Paleo diet 6 days a week. Weigh and measure on Fridays to see if the BF% and inches decreasing.

I am going to measure my weights on Monday February 4 in Body Pump write them down so I don’t forget them and check my weight increases on March 1.

I am not currently running. I will continue my cardio a mim of 3x per week. Keeping my heart rate between 80-100% of max.

Mind, Body and Soul
One day a week I will do Body Flow to relax my brain and stretch my muscles. I am going to use these relaxation techniques when I get over active mind syndrome in the middle of the night.

Are you a Thelma or a Louise?


Take this quiz to find out! More to come!

I am Louise, I love the idea of freedom, I am strong and nobody will control my life.