To sweat or not to sweat!

During my junior high days I remember our PE teachers would stand with a clipboard marking our names off as we exited the showers.

Why you might ask? They wanted to make sure we washed the sweat off our bodies after PE. Haha back then I didn’t sweat let alone WANT to.

Until the last 6 months I didn’t sweat when working out. I am not sure if it’s due to my physical make up or the condition that I was in. Now I sweat like crazy and strive to be soaked by the end of my workouts. It’s fun to dirty the mirrors in kickboxing at the end of class.



Time to get our sweat on this month! Half training begins March 11, 2013.


Swimming randoms!

Our family spends many weekends at various swimming pools in Colorado. This weekend we had the opportunity to be in Glenwood Springs.

What a beautiful mountain town. On our drive home my “mini me” also known as Watergirl shared some fun musings about swimming.

One thing she loves about swimming is the “SWIMMERS” high.

Some advantages of swimming vs other sports are.

The best part of swimming is that you are not a s smelly stinky mess of sweat.

You only smell of chlorine.

If you have to pee! You can pee on deck,on the block or in the water. People think you are just squeezing water out of your butt.

You don’t have to worry about what you look like because your face is in the water and you have a cap and goggles on.

It’s a team sport and an individual sport.

You don’t have to worry about being hot because you are always cold.

Disadvantages of swimming.

Your hair gets damaged.

If you have to go poo or do something else before your race you can’t. You must wait till it’s over.

When you get out of the pool after a race your legs are so shaky that you can’t get out.

The pool gutters are used for PUKING!

Your skin is always dry and your face hurts from the chlorine.

Seems like you have to WAIT forever for your race!