The ColorDash Review

The world’s brightest 5K run!

Before all of us

Look for a ColorDash race near you! I promise you won’t be disappointed. The Colordash team has teamed up with not-for-profit charities nationwide in 2014. They teamed up with Partners in in GJ Colorado which is a local not-for-profit similar to Big Brother/Big Sister and raised almost $10,000 for them from the 5K.Not only will you be running for a great cause you will be having a fabulous time.

Me Ki Color

The ColorDash team is fun and high energy. When we arrived at packet pick up you could feel the energy all through Sports Authority. It was seamless I just had to give them my registration form. The shirts, bibs and pins were all packaged together and made it simple for the team to hand them out and they even had tutus for sale which saved me a hunting trip around the mall.

John Carol

I was excited that my Mini Me and her friend were joining us for the race. After packet pickup it was prep time for shirts and tutus. Mini Me knew exactly what they were going to do to their t-shirts. Yes very creative and original thinking. We didn’t see any one else with t-shirts made like theirs. Which makes her very happy?

Ki Ke Color

We arrived to the race early to feel the high energy and listen to the music. There were some booths set up and people to watch. Most were taking photos and some were running around throwing color at their friends. Then announcer did a fabulous job of keeping the energy level high and enthusiastic. The check presentation for the donation occurred prior to kicking off the race. What an awesome way to support our local community.

9:00 the race began it was a lap around Canyon view park two times. There were approximately 6 color stations throughout the course. The stations had people throwing the color on you and they seemed to be having fun themselves and getting all colored up too. Mainly the color they were throwing.

All after

After finishing our two laps we all gathered together and took some pictures and drank water. The temperature outside was HOT and we could have used a couple of water stations during the course. The fire truck was there for those who were over heated to get sprayed off with the hose.

After me and Ki


We then waited for the Color Explosion to take place. The girls were excited to get more color on them. The color explosion is a big circle and everyone throws up their color bags. So much fun!

Color expolde

This race is not a timed race it’s a fun race for EVEYONE. All ages, shapes, sizes, athletic ability just great great fun for everyone in the family!

Find a ColorDash near you!

My collage


Women, Wilderness & Wildflowers!

Photo blitz from Crested Butte, CO girls weekend!


First Hike Beckwith Pass This trail is fairly steep at times.

The views of East Beckwith Mountain are amazing.

It’s a good hike! 5 miles 2 hrs 15 min 1400 feet

IMG_3510IMG_3512IMG_3513 IMG_3514


IMG_3528IMG_3541 IMG_3529


Shew after that 800 calorie burn it was time for some fuel! Summer Blonde and some buffalo chicken fingers at the Brick Oven and  a stroll thru town!

IMG_3547IMG_3598   IMG_3550



Dinner time!

IMG_3559IMG_3560IMG_3562IMG_3567 IMG_3570

Saturday we hiked from Gothic, CO to the trail of Judd Falls 2 total miles

Elevation Gain: Minimal Trail Type:

Out-and-back Skill Level: Easy

Top Elevation: 9,860 feet


The others of our group rode the 401!

Riding the 401! “At the top of Schofield Pass, the famed singletrack of the 401 Trail veers right starting with a tough and consistent climb for 1.3 miles through dense trees. Near the top, the grades gets easier, the trees open up, and the views behind you are stellar. The climb isn’t really all that hard – nothing technically – but your lungs will keep reminding you are at 11,000 feet above sea level. Then the payoff begins. The unsurpassed 360 degree alpine views of the Elk mountains, followed by the first of the steady downhill. After descending a few hundred feet, the trail flows fast and gently downhill with stunning views in front of you and flowers all around in mid-summer. For much of the top part of the descent you’re hugging the hillside, with a steep drop to the right, which can mess with your equilibrium. There are a few very skinny sections that are easy but have very bad fall potential. Take your time and savor it! You’ll intersect with the Bellview hiking trail and take a right. This section has several switchbacks and has begun to get a little rutted out, but it’s generally fast and flowy with great traction all the way. When conditions are good, the middle section of the 401 descent is about as fun as mountain biking gets. Once down to Rustler’s Gulch, take a breather because the climbing begins again. This point also provides an exit back to Gothic road if the weather turns for the worse. Otherwise continue your tour through the Ruster’s Gulch camping area, and follow the 401 trail into the meadow above the campsites. The trail climbs for about a mile and is technically a bit harder than earlier sections, though still fine for fit intermediate riders. You’ll pass through a drainage with lots of rockfall, and most people walk their bikes a few feet to get through it. One final descent takes you to a small trailhead on the outskirts of Gothic”


This is crazy biker chic! Finishing the 401!


A bus ride to town with a red solo cup!



A decorative bike is a must in CB!


Sunday we hiked Rustlers Gulch 8 total miles

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Trail Type: Out-and-back

Skill Level: Easy to moderate due to length

Top Elevation: 11,400 feet






IMG_3632 IMG_3634




These beetles are killing the pine trees in CO.


Before we left the fun little mountain town it was time for one last meal!

IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648

Time for a little T-Shirt shopping!

IMG_3650 IMG_3651


i00071 i00099

So long Crested Butte! We had a fabulous time!

Things you find on LONG road trip!

map 1Our road trip started in Grand Junction,CO to  Elko, NV.


This is the first time I had ever seen electric producing wind turbines!

This particular windmills are located between Price UT and Salt Lake City.


On the way to the ATV shop this truck passed us.



Did you ever wonder where your Morton’s salt comes from?

Yep the Great Salt Lake

golden nugget

Made it to Nevada! The Golden Nugget is just across the state line of Utah! 

I guess we missed the sign that it’s against the law to talk on your cell phone in NV. (Share the word)


Outside G

First stop the “G”


This is posted in the bar! Hahah

If you are ever in Elko stop and have a cocktail! 

wine albertsons

Wine in a grocery store is something we don’t have in Colorado!

How convenient is that?


Beautiful sunset in the Humbolt National Forest


We started in Elko up the mountain to camp

and ride to Jarbidge where the A is on the map.

Rugged trail

Some rugged terrain in a side by side looking for Jarbidge, NV.


We made it! 

Huge Canyon

Gods Pocket Peak


In the middle of the Mountains a bed?


Really Whiskey too?

wild flowers

Wildflowers everywhere! 


Camping has to include a fire! 


Wow love God’s country! 

tired dogs

Tired dogs! 

water slide

New friends!


Broken toys! 

man made tree

Manmade Trees! 



not a runner

Vacation is over let the training begin! 

San Francisco Half Marathon!

Lesson #1 Fish out of Water!

In my new fitness adventure I am going to learn how to swim. Until today my swimming consisted of survival swimming. Basically the ability to swim from the boat to the water ski without spilling my beer. Today was my very first swimming lesson. One of my new workout friends has been swimming her entire life. She said she would teach me. So here goes nothing. I put on a one piece suit (never have owned one in my life) and a cap (can’t hear a thing) and the goggles. I look like a dork and off we go onto the deck at the University. My daughters swim coach was there and commented  that he wasn’t in the mood to get wet today to rescue me. (I took that as a challenge not to drown or die).

We approach the bulk head and I look at the water. I am one of those girls who typically would get in the water slowly.  Nope not now just go for it. Jump in! While holding my nose so water doesn’t go into my brain. My new coach really can’t believe that I have no clue how to breath under water. I am not a natural at this like my “Mini Me”. I breath in my nose out my mouth. Well in swimming it’s the opposite. We start just by going up and down in the water  breathing in my mouth out my nose. Next we grab a kick board, this is going to help me learn to get a pattern. Kick, breath in the mouth out the nose.

No more survival swimming for me! I am starting to get the hang of this breathing. The pool was set up for long course 50 meters. It did take me FOREVER to do just a 50 by kicking and learning my new breathing I swam about 600 meters before we ended my first session.

Many lessons learned today. Not only did I begin to learn how to swim I also have an even greater appreciation for my mini me and her swimming abilities. During one of my 50’s I thought to myself I feel like that little 6-year-old kid trying to complete a 25. My mind also starting thinking about how fast my mini me can actually swim a 100 meters. I feel good that I tried something that I have never done before and really liked it. I am looking forward to the next lesson. Now to find me a water proof heart rate monitor to know how hard I am working. I got a good workout in and the swim coach didn’t need to rescue me because I didn’t drown or die!

So do something today that you never thought you could no matter how old you are! 

Swimming randoms!

Our family spends many weekends at various swimming pools in Colorado. This weekend we had the opportunity to be in Glenwood Springs.

What a beautiful mountain town. On our drive home my “mini me” also known as Watergirl shared some fun musings about swimming.

One thing she loves about swimming is the “SWIMMERS” high.

Some advantages of swimming vs other sports are.

The best part of swimming is that you are not a s smelly stinky mess of sweat.

You only smell of chlorine.

If you have to pee! You can pee on deck,on the block or in the water. People think you are just squeezing water out of your butt.

You don’t have to worry about what you look like because your face is in the water and you have a cap and goggles on.

It’s a team sport and an individual sport.

You don’t have to worry about being hot because you are always cold.

Disadvantages of swimming.

Your hair gets damaged.

If you have to go poo or do something else before your race you can’t. You must wait till it’s over.

When you get out of the pool after a race your legs are so shaky that you can’t get out.

The pool gutters are used for PUKING!

Your skin is always dry and your face hurts from the chlorine.

Seems like you have to WAIT forever for your race!