AMAZING! Where does the time go?

Seriously how have I missed posting since the end of July? Life has just been crazy busy (I know not a good excuse) and some major writers block.

So I decided just to re-cap my craziness in a photo blitz of the last couple of months!



1015B3 1015B4

1015B5 1015B6

Lake Powell the best place on earth!


1015B7 1015B8 1015B9

The 43rd Annual

Carbondale Mountain Fair

 Wild At Heart: Celebrating Our People, Town, and Wilderness

1015B10 1015B11 1015B12

Sassy and Sweat!

1015B13 1015B14 1015B15

Who doesn’t love a killer BUCKCHERRY concert?


Our Fall headline tour is underway! Tickets and VIP still available here. Hope to see you on the road!

Oct 03 Austin’s Fuel Room Libertyville, IL
Oct 04 Mickey’s Bar Lancaster, OH
Oct 05 Louder Than Life Festival Louisville, KY
Oct 07 The Machine Shop Flint, MI
Oct 08 Club 3D Beckley, WV
Oct 10 Horseshoe Casino Robinsonville, MS
Oct 11 The station bar & grill Broussard, LA
Oct 14 Hurricane Harry’s College Station, TX
Oct 15 Howlin’ Wolf New Orleans, LA
Oct 17 Warehouse Live Ballroom Houston, TX
Oct 18 Sunken Gardens Amphitheatre San Antonio, TX
Oct 19 Pharr Events Center Pharr, TX
Oct 21 Speaking Rock Ent. Center El Paso, TX
Oct 22 Top Deck Farmington, NM
Oct 25 The Love Ride Castaic, CA
Nov 01 Maverick Stadium Adelanto, CA
Nov 06 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CA
Nov 07 The Ranch San Miguel, CA
Nov 09 Phoenix Int. Raceway Phoenix, AZ

1015B16 1015B17

First day of school and Maizey the BNPPB is getting big!

1015B18 1015B19

Friends,concerts and bike rides!


1015B21 More Sassiness!

1015B22 1015B23 1015B24   1015B25

The Mile High City!

The Bride, the bridesmaid and my go to traveling breakfast. Starbucks oatmeal with protein and a hot black coffee!


My Mini Me and Fall Flowers!


Friends and Tri’s!


My motivation poster!

1015B29 1015B30

Real life work! St. Mary’s Ball


Fresh veggies always a plus! (That is a tomato not a donut!)


Love the Broncos!


Girl time!


This is my defense against the dreaded cold!

1015B35 1015B36 1015B37

So Many events! Walk4 Life, Cage Wars and SURVIVE Fashion Show!

The ColorDash Review

The world’s brightest 5K run!

Before all of us

Look for a ColorDash race near you! I promise you won’t be disappointed. The Colordash team has teamed up with not-for-profit charities nationwide in 2014. They teamed up with Partners in in GJ Colorado which is a local not-for-profit similar to Big Brother/Big Sister and raised almost $10,000 for them from the 5K.Not only will you be running for a great cause you will be having a fabulous time.

Me Ki Color

The ColorDash team is fun and high energy. When we arrived at packet pick up you could feel the energy all through Sports Authority. It was seamless I just had to give them my registration form. The shirts, bibs and pins were all packaged together and made it simple for the team to hand them out and they even had tutus for sale which saved me a hunting trip around the mall.

John Carol

I was excited that my Mini Me and her friend were joining us for the race. After packet pickup it was prep time for shirts and tutus. Mini Me knew exactly what they were going to do to their t-shirts. Yes very creative and original thinking. We didn’t see any one else with t-shirts made like theirs. Which makes her very happy?

Ki Ke Color

We arrived to the race early to feel the high energy and listen to the music. There were some booths set up and people to watch. Most were taking photos and some were running around throwing color at their friends. Then announcer did a fabulous job of keeping the energy level high and enthusiastic. The check presentation for the donation occurred prior to kicking off the race. What an awesome way to support our local community.

9:00 the race began it was a lap around Canyon view park two times. There were approximately 6 color stations throughout the course. The stations had people throwing the color on you and they seemed to be having fun themselves and getting all colored up too. Mainly the color they were throwing.

All after

After finishing our two laps we all gathered together and took some pictures and drank water. The temperature outside was HOT and we could have used a couple of water stations during the course. The fire truck was there for those who were over heated to get sprayed off with the hose.

After me and Ki


We then waited for the Color Explosion to take place. The girls were excited to get more color on them. The color explosion is a big circle and everyone throws up their color bags. So much fun!

Color expolde

This race is not a timed race it’s a fun race for EVEYONE. All ages, shapes, sizes, athletic ability just great great fun for everyone in the family!

Find a ColorDash near you!

My collage

Randomness + Photo Blitz!

Last week I had so many random thoughts I decided to track a few and share just for the fun of it! Enjoy the laugh! 

Throwback! "Got Milk"

Throwback! “Got Milk”

I have a permanent glitter on the color of my eye. Well, I did have glitter attached to my eyeball but lucky for me the eye doctor removed it with only numbing my eye and q-tip. I am sure you are wondering how a person gets glitter stuck to their eyeball? I am thinking that my hairspray plastered it to my eye! 

Fun times!

 I walked into the grocery store a disabled Vet is “checking me out” and says to me “I find you look very nice in that there black coat” now that is a first. I’ve never had anyone compliment me on my wool coat.

So many managers don't take time to be REAL leaders!

So many managers don’t take time to be REAL leaders!


It’s so annoying when drivers think they own the road and cut you off! I find myself saying bad words and sounding like my mother.

Find a huge pile of snow and park in it why not!

Find a huge pile of snow and park in it why not!


I wonder if Bath & Body works has lower sales in the more humid states. My skin is so dry and I am using a ton of lotion right now.




Don’t ya just hate when you find the perfect pair of shoes and you go back to buy a second pair and they are sold out. …..

Best Buddies!

Best Buddies!


I love my beauty shop therapy nothing better than a haircut to make a girl feel spoiled and beautiful.

Hotel Shampoo! Yeah Paul Mitchell!

Hotel Shampoo! Yeah Paul Mitchell!

Why is it that I only have pennies when I need change for the parking meter?

Going to paint wine glasses with the girls!

Going to paint wine glasses with the girls!

Only 63 days until Spring…157 days until Summer…I will NOT complain about the heat.

Fabulous Colorado Wine!

Fabulous Colorado Wine!

So me!

So me!

Fund drink!

Fun Drink!

No cookies just cocktails!

No cookies just cocktails!



Need a chocolate fix Enstroms Mint Meltaways!

Need a chocolate fix Enstroms Mint Meltaways!

Colorado Orange and Blue Sky!

Colorado Orange and Blue Sky!

Go Broncos!

Go Broncos!

Mile High Adventure coming up next week stay tuned! 



Dear Dee-licious Musings…

This is somewhat out of the ordinary blog post for me but since I like to share things for women it does seem fitting.

Early this week my “Mini Me” celebrated her 14th birthday. The morning of her actual birthday my mind was remembering back to her birth and my pregnancy. This is what started my thoughts of a blog post.

"Mini Me" in the NICU!

“Mini Me” in the NICU!

So I asked a few of my girlfriends to come up a few ideas to share with new moms and pregnant ladies.

1. Only gain 20 -25 pounds and don’t eat Dairy Queen Mudslides the last month every night for dessert. (Yes I did this)

2. Sleep when you can and really do take others up on offer to help or ask for what you need it.  Every chance you get.  If someone says I’ll watch the baby while you sleep, DO IT. 

3. To be thankful for the fact that your body can support life, that you carried that baby to term, and are about to witness the miracle of a new life, coming from your womb. 

4. Never compare your post-baby body to anyone else’s.  Don’t look at model/celebrity pics of moms who just gave birth.  They have nannies, and personal trainers, and never have to worry about taking care of anyone else.  You do. 

5.  With a newborn do whatever works! Nursing/bottles, sleeping in their carrier/bed, letting your child sleep in a stroller while you pushed it around the house. Seriously whatever works for those first 4-6 months.

6.  Relax – Choose your battles and enjoy your children, they grow up too fast.

7.  Take time to watch every little change in your child. Let them be who they are without expecting them to be a certain way.

8.  Let your body tell you when it’s time for the baby to come into the world. Don’t try to make it happen too soon. Let it happen naturally.

9.  Getting things done ahead of time–prepping meals, stocking the fridge, using paper plates or convenience items for those first few months. 

10.  Background noise–awesome stuff for sleeping kids–fans, humidifiers, sleep machines and very dark rooms!  And those first 3 months, do whatever you can to get through it because nothing is set in stone with the baby for that “fourth” trimester–so sleeping on you, in a carrier, holding often–just roll with it and give it time.

11. A baby won’t die from crying. It’s OK to put down the baby and walk away if you have to!

12.  Find a good time of day for some peace and quiet for yourself. (Read a book, take a bath or go for a walk) This means time for Daddy to step in and spend some quality time with the baby.

13.  The book “What to Expect the First Year” is a great tool for first time parents. Read to your child from day one. They are little sponges and learn very quickly.

14.  Keep moving while pregnant it will help you feel better.

Mango Cafe’ Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A MUST visit while you are in Isla Mujeres.



Mango Cafe’ located Payo Obispo #725. Colonia Meteorológico across from the Guadalupe Church, 77400 Isla Mujeres.


The restaurant is a small little place only about 8 tables. They did have enough room to accommodate our table of 6. The servers are very friendly and are very appreciative of their guests.


The menu is fabulous and it was a very hard decision to be made.


I had the Nuestro Mudialmente Famoso Pan Frances Al Coco $85 pesos. It’s the French toast with almonds and coconut. DELICIOUS!


The Chef and my Mini me shared the Chile Poblano Relleno $95 pesos.


This is a stuffed poblano pepper with eggs, cheese bacon and everything but the kitchen sink. It’s double dipped and fried. Truly an amazing meal. So good that our family members went back for a third time for breakfast.

The restrooms are by far the cleanest in Isla.

Polo Mango

Polo takes pride in his restrooms and his restaurant. A very friendly guy and his English is very good. I asked him where he learned English. He lived in the US for seven years before moving to Isla to open the Mango Café.




A romantic get away to Glenwood Springs, Colorado – known for its medicinal hot sulfur springs, rich natural history and scenic beauty.  To us it’s our back yard!

The “Chef” and “Mini Me” spend many hours hiking the mountains of Glenwood during the month of October hunting for our winter protein. They hunt for elk and deer and try to avoid all the bear scat they can.

The Chef reserved the honeymoon suite for us at a nice little chalet motel walking distance to downtown Glenwood. I am sure they don’t own a computer in this motel and the honeymoon suite wasn’t really what we expected but we just needed a place to lay our heads at the end of the night. Just the sweet thought that he had by reserving the honeymoon suite gave me butterflies!

Once we checked in we decided to take a walk and find a nice place to have a cocktail before we found a dinner house. We stopped at a nice little quaint place on the corner called The Riviera (made me think of Las Vegas). When we approached the bar there were only two seats left.

A man sitting at the bar harassed my chef telling him that the seat was free for me but would charge him for his seat. He introduced himself to us as Charlie Brown. (I totally believed him) I noticed he had an accent. I asked if he was from Glenwood Springs or if he was visiting. He said he lived in the area and asked where we were from.

As it turns out we were sitting and talking to the Swiss Master Chef Kurt Wigger. Chef Wigger also happens to be the father to a college friend of mine. Small world it is!

He shared with us his opportunity to come to America and work in Aspen in 1961. He met many different famous people working in his restaurants over the last fifty years.  People like Clint Eastwood, Rock Hudson and John Wayne. He specializes in traditional French cooking and still has a passion for the restaurant business. Chef Wigger said he would open another restaurant today if it wouldn’t kill his wife.

My Chef and I were planning to eat at a restaurant called Fins but Chef Wigger and the bartender talked us into eating dinner at the Riviera.

Our dinner started with a fabulous bottle of wine. Paraiso Syrah Chef Wigger tasted it and his comment was it was a little warm. I agree with him. I like my red wine at a perfect temperature of 50-55 degrees.

Our server was kind enough to split our Cesar salad into two portions and serve some warm bread with a cute butter dish.

We then had an appetizer of fabulous crab cakes served with a Cajun remoulade sauce. Small and petite just right for the appetizer!

We shared a little of two different entrees. Top Sirloin steak with a jalapeno butter, season vegetables and potato’s and Parmesan Encrusted Halibut with a citrus beurre blanc sauce, rice and season vegetables. These entrees are incredibly delicious but very rich. Soooooo rich that we didn’t even have dessert!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Glenwood Springs, Colorado I highly recommend The Riviera as a dinner house to visit.

Bon Appetit!

Staple items!

Certain foods should always have a place on your food pantry. These are called food staples. Our family particularly my mini me and I have a few of items that are a must.

Here is the story of how these items came about.

I am sure most of you know that I am not a cook. In 2008 the Chef took a job that had him out of the home for 6 weeks for training then off to work for 20-30 days at one time. For me this was a huge eye opener in more ways than one. Not only did I have to take the trash out, I had to grocery shop and figure out what my mini me was going to eat for each meal of the day.

I remember one day for lunch she wanted “Life” cereal. We packed up her cereal, in a to-go bowl for school and she ordered milk from the lunch lady, it just happened to be chocolate milk. A friend of my just happened to be having lunch at school that day and commented how dad must still be out-of-town if mom is sending cereal to school for lunch.

This brings me to the first staple item in our home. Cereal! I love cereal. I remember growing up and eating cereal all the time. When my mom worked we feed ourselves and it was cereal. When the Chef was out-of-town working, my mini me and I would eat dry cereal on Sunday afternoons while watching movies together. I like dry fruit loops and frosted mini wheat’s.

The next favorite item is Totino’s Pizza! Who doesn’t love a great Totino’s frozen pizza. I remember we would heat up a Totino’s after swim practice once a week. What an in-expensive staple item this is. My mini me and I love the meat combination pizza.

Last but not least the last item is something that I cook and we can eat for a few days. My mini me loves it!

Pasta Fagioli

3 cans of beans (Kidney, Northern, Pinto) – whatever kinds you prefer

1-2 C. Dilanti Pasta

2-3 cans of vegetable broth

Drizzle of EVOO

3 garlic cloves

½ yellow onion

3 carrots

3 celery stalks

8-12 brussel sprouts

Sea Salt


Italian Seasoning

Mozzarella cheese

Build your soup from the bottom up. Drizzle the bottom of your soup pot with EVOO. Cut your onion, garlic, carrots and celery place in the soup pot on med heat. While these items are cooking cut up your brussel sprouts then place into the soup pot. Season with S&P and Italian seasoning. Cook the pasta in a separate pot. Once the all the vegetables are somewhat soft add your beans and one can of vegetable broth. Re-season; when the pasta is al-dente  add it to the pot depending on how think you like your soup you may need to add more vegetable broth or water and from the pasta. Taste and determine if you need more seasonings.  Simmer until beans are soft and serve with mozzarella cheese.

Put your twist on this great soup. Add some Italian tomato’s and take out the brussel sprouts.

This is an easy low-calorie healthy soup. It has become a joke in our home today when mom’s cooking we are having Pasta Fagioli. Be sure to keep beans, vegetable broth, onions, garlic, celery and carrots on hand for this fabulous staple item.