Rolling down the streets……


Day One: Rest day after long run!

Day Two: When my alarm went off this am I was just too tired to move. The Chef  had a restless night due to his hip issues and I was awake most of the night. I really hate when I have sleepless nights like that. I will move each days training to the next and skip my rest day on Friday.

Day Three: I was up with my new reflector running pants (don’t like them at all), my headlamp and my blinking light out on the trail for a 5 mile easy run. My left foot has been bothering me for a couple of days feels like a bruise on the bottom under the 2 and 3 toes. No clue made for an uncomfortable run that’s for sure. Kept my heart rate between 80-90% of max.

4.97 Miles 1:00:04

Day Four: I decided to rest today. My foot is feeling better and I have 5 HARD miles tomorrow. I will be sporting my head lamp again as the Chef left to go to the mountains today.

Day Five: Wow its Thursday already! Woo Hoo! Up early and got 5 miles in. Heart rate at 95-100% added some interval sprints the last mile and half.

5.30 Miles 1:00:13

Day Six: I managed to run 3 easy miles today keeping my heart rate at 85 – 90% of max. Weigh in for me today. Scale up but BF% down I will take it! That tells me I am not losing muscle with all the running that I am doing. That is a good thing!

3.14 Miles 37:05

Day Seven: Little hikes in the mountains! 

Day One: More mini hikes in the mountains.



Day Six: Easy 80-90% of max heart rate. 3.13 miles 38:30 I hacked and spit more than a football player in this run/walk.


Day Seven: I was bound and determined to get this run in today. Since I didn’t get many runs in due to the head cold I had this week. I maintained my heart rate between 90-100% of max for the entire run. Not hard to do when your congested. I was feeling tired legs very heavy and low energy and don’t forget the congestion causing me to hack up a lung and spit a ton. It’s done and I’ve never ran this far EVER in my life before. 2 weeks until race day! 

8.60 Miles 1:46:17

Here’s to a great training week next week! 

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